Real Experiences. Real Cincinnati.


I’ve recently started thinking to myself, “Why do I do this? What is the point in writing what I do?” In my opinion, many bloggers end up coming off as bragging about what they have and the places they can go; things they can do. And, while I do like to brag on my city and everything there is to do here, that is not my intent.

I like to think I am the antithesis of that. I’m not here to brag; I’m here to inform and encourage.

By going out to eat, experiencing events and goings-on around town, I want to be the real person who is sharing real experiences with real people. And not just sharing the unattainable, expensive jaunts and website sponsorships that leave readers wanting for food and goods they cannot buy or experience themselves. I am an unpaid blogging hobbyist who does all of this on her own time and her own dime (okay, and BK’s, too), and solely for the love of her city.

All of you can do this stuff, too. There is so much to do and see in Greater Cincinnati — so many events, parks, museums, activities, restaurants, breweries — you have to want to get out and explore for yourselves. I’m just here to give ideas.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tabitha says:

    I can dig that. 😉

    1. Pop Culture Broad says:

      Thanks for the love! ☺️

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