Top This Donut Bar

We have build your own burritos and build your own sushi, but now we have build your own donuts located at University Station, the new development on Xavier’s campus. What a cool concept: you build your own donut as you walk through by selecting your pastry (there are donuts, cinnamon rolls, cookies, or rice crispie bars, and they also have a gluten free cookie option), then choosing your icing, drizzle, and topping. My first donut was designed with chocolate icing and peanut butter drizzle, and I also made a glaze-topped donut with crushed graham crackers for good measure.

While cake donuts aren’t my favorite (I prefer yeast), the donuts were good — fresh and not too dense. We really liked all the toppings we got too. BK opted for a white-iced donut with chocolate sprinkles and Oreos, as well as a donut with strawberry icing, rainbow sprinkles, and Fruity Pebbles. The latter was probably my favorite, although I loved my chocolate and peanut butter-topped donut, too. The icing was warm and fresh, which made for an even more delicious experience.

My absolute favorite part of the entire place was that they had four kinds of milk on tap: white, chocolate, strawberry, and almond. I love my milk.

Top This lived up to — and maybe even surpassed — my expectations. I really liked this place. There was ample parking outside (meters), service was great, food was solid, milk was cold, and we got four topped donuts, milk, and coffee for less than $11. I have a feeling that, with how close it is to us, this will become a regular spot.


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