Hungry Bros.


Left: Kevin Bacon Ranch fries at Volksfest; right: Vladimir Poutine at City Flea.

If you love fries (and who doesn’t?), this food truck is for you.

Hungry Bros. can be spotted at various goings-on around town (I’ve personally seen the truck parked outside of Volksfest at Listermann Brewing, The City Flea, Rhinehaus, Fountain Square, and it will also be in attendance for Liberty’s Bar & Bottle’s one-year anniversary celebration this weekend), which makes it really easy to find and have*.

The first time I had Hungry Bros., I ordered the Kevin Bacon Ranch fries, which is chicken, bacon, and ranch served atop waffle fries. While the dish itself was good, I was mostly impressed with the ranch. It really stood out. The second time I had Hungry Bros. was at City Flea, and I got the Vladmir Poutine (gravy, cheese curds, and a fried egg on top of crispy waffle fries), which was awesome. They even have waffle fry desserts (see: Waffle Fry Sundae and Maple Waffle Fries), which is a bit intimidating, but I’d be happy to try any of them. If the rest of their food is any indicator, I’m sure sweet waffle fry dishes — as opposed to savory — would be good. Though, they have more than just fries, so you can always order Lamb Sliders, fried pie, a Hipster Bagel, or anything else that happens to be on the lineup that day.

The menu changes frequently, so don’t expect it to be the same from visit to visit. But they often have the Vladimir Poutine, which is awesome. And the food and service are both consistently good, too. Big fan.

*You can also follow Hungry Bros. on Twitter and Instagram to keep tabs on where they’ll be next.


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