Northside Yacht Club


I was perusing Facebook when I saw a friend post about bartending at Northside Yacht Club (often stylized as NSYC, which awesomely looks like NSYNC). We were hungry and wanted a couple of drinks, so we decided to check out the new bar and grill (and concert venue) in the former Mayday space, which was — once upon a time — the Northside Electric Company, and experienced severe flooding in 1937.

Enter Northside Yacht Club and its quaint, nautical theme, which features a beach scene at its exterior.

NSYC interior

Inside, NSYC featured bar seating and booth seating; craft beer and cocktails; great service; and an intriguing (albeit small) menu, with food creations by Ryan Whitcomb, former chef at Nuvo, Dilly Deli, and Local 127. We agreed that the House Cincinnati Chili Cheese Fries sounded great, but we ended up ordering Poutine (fresh cut fries with duck fat gravy, Wisconsin cheese curds, and scallions), House Short Rib Grilled Cheese (86 the arugula), and six House Smoked Wings with cilantro honey lime sauce on the side. To drink, BK got Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin (because of course he did) and I got the Banana Daiquiri served in a tiki mug because Labor Day is approaching and I will keep a strangle hold on summer if I have to.

NSYC food

Photos (clockwise from top left): House Short Rib Grilled Cheese, House Smoked Wings, Poutine, and Banana Daiquiri served in a tiki mug

The Poutine was good. The duck fat gravy was awesome and the cheese curds were also delicious. We both really loved the wings and, although I don’t prefer smoked wings, they were also crispy and delicious and, even though I’m not in love with cilantro, the cilantro honey lime sauce was great. The standout of my meal, I will say, was the House Short Rib Grilled Cheese. It was as awesome as it sounds.

The fantastic service, delicious food, solid drinks, and overall great ambiance (outdoor seating!) made for a really great first experience. Cincinnati is lucky to have NSYC on board (no pun intended).


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  1. John Weener says:

    This bar is not that great.
    Most if not all the staff is straight from the owner’s previous positions at the downtown bars Japps and Neon’s, which means you get ignored waiting to order in place of the bartenders’ taking selfies, bitching to each other and their friends about some personal drama, and picking their noses. Experienced this already even though the place just opened. I imagine it will only get worse as time goes on.
    The food is okay and typical of OTR yuppie cuisine, overpriced heavy greasy bar food with fancy names and underpaid cooks to undercook it (owner must have kept Mayday’s cooks on board). The poutine and chili I got were still slightly cold and the chili tasted good minus the mild ketchup flavor.
    The extensive beer selection is the only redeemable thing, but it’s such a damn far (and potentially dangerous at night) walk from the main street, and to be parked at, and the bartenders aren’t worth shooting the shit with, it’s really not worth the hassle. Junkers or Northside Tavern up the street will both be in town forever, cheaper, and won’t be hard to warm up in during the winter. Save the dramamine for a real cruise and drink somewhere steady.

    1. Pop Culture Broad says:

      It seems our experiences were quite different, and that’s okay. It may not been your scene, and that’s okay, too. I’m happy to hear you enjoy other places in the Northside area.

  2. Will U. Serveme says:

    So where is the good service everyone’s busting about? All I can see is a couple of clique-ish bartenders with their customer friends at the other end of the bar. HELLOOO CAN I GET ANOTHER DRINK

    1. Pop Culture Broad says:

      I can’t comment on why you didn’t have a positive trip to NSYC. I’m fortunate to be able to say that I enjoyed my food, drink, and service, and it was an overall positive experience for me. All I can do is hope the same for everyone!

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