Urban Artifact

Urban Artifact

To build on our spontaneous date night in Northside earlier this week, we decided to [finally] check out Urban Artifact after dinner and drinks at Northside Yacht Club.

Cincinnati has no shortage of breweries and good beer and, since April, Urban Artifact has been contributing to Cincinnati’s robust brewing history and growing beer culture.

Located in a former church on Blue Rock Street in Northside, Urban Artifact serves as a craft beer brewery with a taproom, full bar, and performance space, where musicians are lined up to play many days of every month (for more event information, click here).

Urban Artifact may specialize in sours, but they do many other beers well, too. We’d had a number of their flagship and seasonals in the past, so we decided on a flight of beers we’d not yet tried. BK chose Ginger Gose (gose) and Harrow (gose), while I decided on Clothesline (wild farmhouse ale) and BluesFest (hoppy amber). He really liked the Harrow (even more than Finn, which is one of his favorites from Urban Artifact) and I loved Clothesline. I’m a saison person anyway, so it was right in my wheelhouse. I also got to try Cauldron (Irish dry stout), which I liked. Unfortunately, it’s not quite Dark Beer Season (best part of cold weather), so a stout doesn’t pair particularly well with 90-degree weather.

I digress.

On top of all of the good beer, we really liked the space, too. It was low key and despite there being live music in the next room, it wasn’t too loud or distracting. We will certainly be back.


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  1. Thanks for visiting! Next beer is on me

    1. Not necessary, but happy to take you up on that. Cheers!

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