Kungfood Chu’s AmerAsia

Between its fantastic beer selection and delicious, spicy food, I can’t tell you how many times AmerAsia had been recommended to us. Truthfully, it’s pretty unacceptable that it took so long to finally give it a try.

We got to AmerAsia on a Thursday around 6pm and had the choice between seats at the bar and by the front window. BK always prefers bar seating and, while I like to sit at the bar, I wanted better lighting for photos (because of course I did). Seats by the front window it was.

Dragon’s Breath Wontons to start

For beers, I ordered a Brasserie Dupont Saison and BK got a Green Flash West Coast IPA, and to start we decided on Dragon’s Breath Wontons, as recommended to us by our server. For our main dishes, I got Garlic Chicken (because of course I did) and BK opted for Ho Fun Noodles with beef.

Ho Fun Noodles

Garlic Chicken

All of our food was great. The Dragon’s Breath Wontons were awesome and the standout of the meal, in my opinion. My garlic chicken was good (very garlicky — not a negative so much as an overwhelming observation) and BK really liked his Ho Fun Noodles dish. (I much prefer rice over noodles, so I’m admittedly not big on noodle dishes.)

Tie in the solid food with reasonable prices, impressive beer selection, and good service, and AmerAsia was an all-around great experience. We will definitely be back.

Notes: The food was shockingly spicy, especially considering we didn’t have a choice in spice levels. And, by the time 6:30pm rolled around, there was a 15–20 minute wait to be seated. Parking is sparse but, if not available on the street outside, it is available on various streets and in various lots a short walk away.


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