O Pie O

After many months of “Coming Spring 2015” and “Now Hiring” signs, O Pie O bakery, located at 1527 Madison Road, is now officially open. 

O Pie O

Photos (top to bottom, left to right): interior (with subway tile!); O Pie O exterior (in its “Now Hiring” days); Chilean beef empanada and accompanying condiments; gratuitous O Pie O exterior shot because look at that sky

Situated near DeSales Corner, the Findlay Market vendor now has a full-service home in the first floor of the French Building, near the epicenter of the East Walnut Hills business district.

unnamed (4)

Interior and tables

unnamed (2)

Outdoor seating

O Pie O’s menu was surprisingly extensive, considering all we knew was that it would feature sweet and savory pies. In addition to its sweet and savory pie selection, the menu features breakfast (yes, breakfast — pocket pies, quiche, etc.), empanada, turnovers, soups, salads, and a selection of beer and wine. My experiences with O Pie O include trying their chocolate pie (I’m not a fruit pie person, so I’ve admittedly not had any of those), Chilean beef empanada, Carolina slaw, strawberry turnover, and wine during a Walk on Woodburn open house. All — including the friendliness with which they were served — have been great, and I am looking forward to getting to try many more menu items.

And not only is the menu wonderful, but so is the space itself. The interior features subway tile (my favorite!) and quaint, ample tables and booths, as well as outdoor seating in warmer weather. The adjacent parking lot makes getting to and from your O Pie O experience convenient, too.

As a resident of East Walnut Hills, I am more than excited to welcome O Pie O and its array of menu items and friendly service to the neighborhood.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. I’ve been so excited to check this out! The space looks gorgeous (LOVE subway tile). The empanada looks delicious. Thanks for sharing – I’ll be stopping by soon!

    1. My pleasure! It comes highly recommended.

  2. Kristen says:

    Keep the reviews comin, lady! Love em!

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