Favorite Five: Food Trucks

To truly express the spirit of my love for food trucks, it feels necessary to pay homage to Cincinnati’s mobile delicacies that share our streets and park spaces. And, with the Fourth Annual Cincinnati Food Truck Festival (one of my favorite Cincinnati events, as hosted by the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation) taking place this weekend*, it feels especially appropriate to talk about food trucks for this edition of Favorite Five. Be warned, this was not an easy task, as so many food trucks around here are really good. Seriously, I’d eat any of them at any given time. I love food truck food.

I digress.

unnamedPhotos (counterclockwise from top left): burger and wings from Renegade Street Eats; breakfast pizza from Fireside Pizza Wagon; chocolate cupcake from SugarSnap! at the 2014 SFF; chili quesadilla from Empire Chili; sourdough French toast sticks from Wake & Bake and Vladimir Poutine from Hungry Bros. at The City Flea, July 2015.

Favorite Five: Food Trucks (and what I like to order from each)

  1. Fireside Pizza Wagon – everything is good but if you can get the breakfast pizza (it’s not often), do it!
  2. C’est Cheese – the Bee Sting
  3. Renegade Street Eats – smoked wings and sausage burger
  4. Red Sesame – taco and quesadilla combination
  5. Hungry Bros. – Vladimir Poutine

Honorable Mention: Turophilia (quesadillas), Tacos Locos, Chili Empire (chili quesadillas!), Eclectic Comfort Food, Wake & Bake, and if you like sweets, SugarSnap!.

Aside: I really, really, really miss Cafe de Wheels.

Thinking about it, I have at least tried food from more than half of the food trucks in the area, and I have liked all of them. But that also means I still have a lot to try. I am ashamed to admit that I have not yet had Empanadas Aqui, but I will make a point to change that at the Food Truck Festival on Saturday.

To view the entire food truck lineup, click here.

*The SFF will be taking place on Saturday, September 26, from 11am until 5pm, on East McMillan Street, between Hemlock and Chatham Streets.


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