Weekend Recap: After a Week Off Edition

After a bit of a hiatus (a week, to be exact, as I spent a fair amount of the past week working on this), a weekend recap feels appropriate. Even better, this weekend synopsis gets an honorary evening added to its recap. You’re welcome.


Photos (clockwise from top left): Vortex at Kings Island; photo of the Zephyr at Kings Island at sunset; the Spicy Chorizo Turtle from Gomez Salsa; and Frank posing outside of Gomez Salsa.

Wednesdays (through October 29) feature Yappy Hour at Washington Park Dog Park from 6pm to 8pm. This past Wednesday was our first trip to the park for Yappy Hour, and it was a really happening event. I’d guess there were 30 dogs there (plus humans) at its peak time, which was a whole lot. Despite being pretty crowded, it was fun to check out, as beer and drinks were sold outside the gate to the dog park, and Purina goodies were available for purchase under the adjacent tent. (Visit the event page to learn more.)

Friday night was spent at a wedding reception at Cooper Creek Event Center, which is a pretty great wedding venue that always has great appetizers. Saturday morning, Liverpool had an early game (7:45am), so we went to Rhinehaus to watch with LFC Cincinnati as we typically do. There, we also got to have a Holtman’s Donut, as brought in from a friend. After watching Liverpool, we finally got to try Nation‘s brunch (Saturdays and Sundays from 10am until 2pm), where BK and I shared a Breakfast Burrito and Breakfast Tots. We both really liked what we got and agreed that: a) they always have a good beer selection, b) Breakfast Tots should be available all day every day, and c) we must go back soon for Bottomless Brunch.

After Nation (and a very short power nap), I spent the rest of my Saturday at Kings Island enjoying roller coasters and Halloween Haunt. I got to ride some of my favorites (The Beast, Diamondback, and Banshee), while I rode former staples and came to the conclusion that I could probably not ever ride them again. The best part of the day was eating Kings Island LaRosa’s because, as most Cincinnatians agree, it tastes best there.

Sunday morning we decided to order from the brunch menu at Gomez Salsa and take our goods to Washington Park Dog Park to tire out Frank before watching the Bengals game at The Growler House with friends, to where we brought a few Brezel pretzels to snack on before we ordered Fireside Pizza and had goodies from O Pie O (chicken pot pie and pear pie) and Busken Bakery (donuts).

This weekend was a gluttonous one — as usual — but at least I walked about ten miles on Saturday, right?


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