Sugar n’ Spice

If you like being up early, this place is for you.

I had Sugar n’ Spice, a Cincinnati institution, one time about six or seven years ago and really liked it. It wasn’t until recently I got to have it again. BK and I tried going about six months ago around 9:30am and couldn’t even get in the door, so we turned right back around and went home. A couple months later we were up around 7:30 on a Saturday morning and decided to give it another try. Around 8am, we waited just short of 10 minutes for bar seating, which ended up being pretty perfect.

unnamed (2)


We decided on Sugar n’ Spice’s famous “wispy thin” (I put that in quotation marks because I grew up eating actual wispy thin pancakes, and these are more accurately a mix of your standard fluffy pancakes and the crepe-like thin ones I grew up with) pancakes — original for me and chocolate chip for BK — with a biscuit and gravy and goetta to accompany them on the side.

The food was as outstanding as I remembered, and pretty reasonable, too, and there was plenty of parking in a lot out back even though the place was pretty small and packed with people both times we went. Service was fine and the place is obviously busy at most times during the day (open daily from 7am until 3pm), so I recommend going as close to when they open as you can.

Fortunately for me, I like being up early.


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