Tour de Cincinnati’s Craft Beer Guide

Editor’s note: Tour de Cincinnati’s Craft Beer Guide is regularly updated and can be viewed on the Craft Beer Guide dropdown of the Beer tab here.

Original post [updated 4/7/17]:

To follow up with the most recent post about all the great new beer in the area — and because my previous post about this is a bit outdated — I decided to draft an entirely new local craft beer list in collaboration with my husband.

I can hear it now: “What do you know about beer? Why should we listen to you?” I am no cicerone and I’m happy to admit that. I only really started drinking beer within the past few years, and have really taken to the local beer scene especially. I may not know a ton about beer itself, but I have had nearly 450 local beers (via Untappd) and I know plenty about what I’ve had and what I like. I think that qualifies me for some kind of opinion — educated or not.

There are dozens of beer styles, but I narrowed it down into broader categories, which then list what I consider to be some of the best local beers within each (in alphabetical order).

Amber/Red Ale
Bad Tom Smith Fink Red Rye
Blank Slate Fork in the Road (India amber ale)
Dogberry Great 8 (imperial red ale)

Hudepohl Pure Lager (American amber)
Fifty West One Way Street Exp #07270 (hoppy red ale)
Old Firehouse Code 3
Paradise Red Headed Stepchild (Irish red)

Listermann Leopold (Belgian blonde)
MadTree Stütze (Belgian blonde)
MadTree Vernal Beckoning (Belgian pale ale)
Tap & Screw Irony (Belgian dubbel)
The Woodburn Belgian Quad
The Woodburn Belgian Wit (witbier)

Blank Slate Pilsen Mosaic (Kölsch)
Fibonacci Estivus 
MadTree Lift
MadTree Lemon Basil (herbed/spiced blonde)
Streetside Tea Bags (blonde with green tea)

Brown Ale
Blank Slate Shroominous (brewed with shiitake mushrooms)
Brink Brown Ale

MadTree Espressoself (coffee brown ale)
Mt. Carmel Coffee Brown (coffee brown ale)
Taft’s Culebra Cut (coconut brown)

Triple Digit Chickow! (hazelnut double brown ale)

Cream Ale
Braxton Brewing Storm
Christian Moerlein Strawberry Pig (strawberry cream ale)
Fifty West Carson City Cream Ale (brewed with flaked maize)
Fifty West Tastee Whip (ice cream ale)
FigLeaf Basmati Cream Ale
Hudepohl-Schoenling Little Kings
Narrow Path Cream Ale

Blank Slate Out & About
MadTree Shade
Urban Artifact Chariot (infused with Montmorency sour cherries)
Urban Artifact Key Punch (key lime gose)

Blank Slate Lesser Path (brewed with pineapple and habanero)
Brink Fashionably Late (session IPA)
Cellar Dweller Jeremiah Morrow IPA
Fibonacci Marty’s Hamilton Ave IPA
Fifty West Rainbow Road (session IPA)
Listermann Hopical Oasis
MadTree PsycHOPathy 

Nine Giant Trigger Cut
Rivertown Brett T-Shirt Contest 

Streetside Alpha
Urban Artifact Phrenology 

The Woodburn Cedar IPA
The Woodburn Lactose Loves Pawpaws (pale wheat ale)

Imperial/Triple IPA
Christian Moerlein Bay of Bengal (imperial/double IPA)
Fifty West Punch You in the EyePA (imperial/double IPA)
Listermann Elusive Double IPA (imperial/double IPA)

MadTree Citra High (imperial/double IPA)
MadTree Galaxy High (imperial/double IPA)
Rhinegeist Saber Tooth Tiger (imperial/double IPA)

Pale Ale
Christian Moerlein Altered
Christian Moerlein Zeppelin
Listermann Don’t Talk Sh*t About Norwood
MadTree PSA (session pale ale)
Nine Giant Mistadobalina
Old Firehouse 50 Dalmatians (collaboration with Fifty West)
Taft’s Ale House Nellie’s Key Lime Carribean Ale (pale wheat ale)
The Woodburn Pale Ale

Braxton Catalyst: Dry Hopped (Czech pilsner)
Christian Moerlein Purity Pils (German pilsner)
Christian Moerlein Push Reel 
Taft’s Ale House 27 Pils
The Woodburn Steinpils (German pilsner)

Blank Slate Fume (cherrywood smoked)
Listermann Nutcase (peanut butter porter; also brewed with various jams) 
MadTree Identity Crisis (hoppy porter)
Taft’s Ale House Maverick Chocolate Porter
The Woodburn Irish Porter 

MadTree Sprye
Municipal Brew Works Station 2
Nine Giant OSHY Battles The Pink Robots
Rhinegeist Hustle (rye pale ale)

Saison/Farmhouse Ale
Blank Slate Orchid’s Bloom (collaboration with Orchid’s)
Blank Slate RYEsing Up (Belgian farmhouse)
Taft’s Ale House Skin Off The Mango (infused with fresh mango)

The Woodburn Pineapple Saison (infused with pineapple)

Braxton Summertrip (Berliner Weisse)
Braxton Yesterday’s Headlines: Kiwi (Berliner Weisse)
Rivertown Nice Melons (Berliner Weisse)
Rivertown Ojos Negros (blackberry lambic)
Urban Artifact Finn

Blank Slate Opera Cream (milk stout with BonBonerie opera cream cake)
Braxton Dead Blow brewed with Starter (coffee stout)
Darkness Chocolate Heifer (imperial milk stout)
Fifty West Coffee Please (coffee stout)
Listermann 562 Lateral (oatmeal stout)
Listermann Shamrock Shake (milk stout)
MadTree Rubus Cacao (chocolate raspberry stout)

Rhinegeist Ink (Russian imperial stout)
Taft’s Ale House Wooly Mooly (milk stout)
The Woodburn Chocolate Cherry Stout

Blank Slate Pinango (Hefeweizen with pineapple and mango)
Christian Moerlein Fifth & Vine Oktoberfest (Märzen)
Christian Moerlein Se7en (Hefeweizen)
Darkness Pineapple Fire (Kentucky Common with pineapple and chipotle chilies)
Rhinegeist Bubbles (cider)*
Streetside Raspberry Beret (Berliner Weisse)
Urban Artifact Palmistry (“Berliner pale ale”)

So you say you “don’t like beer”? I call your bluff. I just gave nearly 100 ideas in the Cincinnati area alone of different beers to try; many of them don’t “taste like beer”.

You’re welcome. Now get exploring.


Note: I’ve not yet had beer from Great Crescent, Mash Cult, The Queen City Brewery of Cincinnati, or Wooden Cask (either I’ve not yet been and/or they don’t distribute), and I’ve had far more beers from a handful of breweries (e.g. 49 from Taft’s and 4 from Streetside), so some are likely listed more than others.


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