Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself …

For those who got that Jay Z reference: *up top*. 

Now that I’ve gotten a flurry of posts out of the way, I think it’s appropriate to take a moment to reintroduce myself to you all — those who know me and those who are new to the site.

My name is Linsey and I recently became a misses. My husband, referred to on the site as BK, and I currently live with our dog in East Walnut Hills, a neighborhood we moved to and fell in love with in 2014. We like to be involved in our community and we love to explore this great city we are so lucky to call home. I am a graphic designer and work in the Central Business District, a Cincinnati neighborhood that has quickly become one of my favorites. I have recently become an advocate for public transit; love socializing, being active with my dog, Instagram, Senate poutine (and all variations of fries, really), getting distinct check-ins on Untappd; and consider myself a sophisticated six-year-old when it comes to eating.

To be totally honest, I became disenchanted with Tour de Cincinnati and the effort required to keep it afloat. Putting the pressure on myself to try somewhere new every week became a little bit much, especially on top of working two jobs (one full time and another part time). Essentially I needed to unplug. Now that I’ve taken nearly a year off from writing and sharing my adventures, and I only work my second job sparingly, I decided to make a comeback. This city is too great and I have too much fun to not share all the great things there are to do here. I’m so glad that Cincinnati is starting to get the credit it deserves, from people who live here, grew up here, or those who have merely visited.

At this point I do not plan on implementing any sort of format as in the past. Instead, you can expect posts about everything local, including beer (probably a lot of beer), food, restaurants, events, music, spaces, sports, and more. Similar to content as before, but not as strict in format. You can also expect anywhere from 2–3 posts per week. It may be more frequently than that for a little while, but I imagine content will thin out after the initial enthusiasm to share everything I’ve been doing for the past year wears off.

If you have any ideas regarding places to go or something to review, feel free to leave a comment or email me at

Thanks so much for reading and enjoy!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. LOL @ sophisticated six-year-old!

  2. It’s true! Some of my favorite foods are burgers, fries, pizza, and grilled cheese. The sophisticated part comes in because I like some fancy versions of those plus Indian food and sushi! 🙂

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