Cross Two More Breweries Off the List

Now that the weekend is near, maybe you can, too!

My husband and I recently checked out Cincinnati’s newest brewery, FigLeaf, and made the drive down Cincinnati-Dayton Road to stop by DogBerry on our way back south. Here’s what I thought:


FigLeaf Brewing Company
BK said, “It’s like if you merged MadTree and Blank Slate’s taprooms and made one big taproom,” and I totally agree with that assessment. FigLeaf’s location is interesting, as it is situated in and surrounded by industrial-type buildings between Monroe and Middletown. But I really liked the building. It was big, clean, and there was plenty of seating, inside and out. There was also a food truck parked just outside near the patio.

Beer and service were good, and there was plenty of parking in the building’s lot. A flight of four was $6. Favorites were Basmati Cream Ale and Saison Rouge.


DogBerry Brewing
There were so many more beers on tap than we were expecting, but because we were pretty far from home, decided we’d have to make another trip out to give the rest a try. Of the four that we had, we both agreed that the Turnin’ Two IPA was our favorite.

All in all, the beer was fine, service was good, the bottle collection was really cool, and the building itself was interesting — small and pretty crowded on a Friday night. The parking situation was not ideal, as there were only a half dozen spots right outside, and we had to park at a business next door (not sure that was entirely legal). I’m happy to report, though, that it appears they will be moving in the next few-ish months to a much larger facility with outdoor space. Can’t wait to check that out!


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