Review: The Video Archive

When I first heard about The Video Archive, the new “video store” in Walnut Hills, I thought, “A video store? I mean, I still have a DVD/VHS player, but I already own The Mighty Ducks triology, so what good is that going to do me?” It wasn’t until my co-worker and fellow neighborhood dweller clued me in that I learned The Video Archive wasn’t quite what met the eye.

A new bar in my neighborhood? Open seven days a week? Quentin Tarantino themed, no less? Yeah, I’m all the way in.

100 square feet of video archive space at The Video Archive
Pint of Warped Wing Irreverent Red IPA in branded glassware
Outdoor patio shared with Just Q’in BBQ
Interior decor, including TVs outside of the restrooms

The Video Archive is the second installment from Jacob Treviño, co-founder of Gorilla Cinema; the first being The Overlook Lodge in Pleasant Ridge, which I really like (and would visit more if it weren’t as far to drive). I’d consider myself a casual Tarantino fan, so The Video Archive — an homage to Quentin Tarantino’s job before making his name in filmmaking — is much more my speed thematically. Plus it’s in walkable distance. Win/win!

When you walk through the door, the first hundred or so square feet appear to be a video store. It isn’t until you are told how to enter through the secret passage (the “instructions” will change daily, from what I’ve been told) that you make your way into the remaining 1500 square feet of speakeasy-style bar space.

The Video Archive is a full-service bar that features house shots and cocktails, bottles and cans of beer, wine, assorted movie candies and snacks, and six rotating beers on tap, including $2 High Life at all times. (All draft beers, aside from High Life, are $1 off on weekdays from 4–7pm.) In addition to the bar goods, Clerks was showing on all of the TVs while I was there. Bonus points.

Jacob, who was bartending at the time, mentioned that, when it’s warm, they’d like to have movie nights on the patio, which is shared with Just Q’in, the neighboring BBQ restaurant with standard business hours and later walk-up window hours.

This is yet another great addition to an even better neighborhood. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: make your next day or night out in the Walnut Hillses. There is more than enough to see, drink, eat, and do in the neighborhood. Plus you might catch me there!


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  1. Kelly says:

    This sounds super fun, didn’t even realize this was coming or open. Love the secret passage.

    1. It’s a great place! Have you had the chance to check it out?

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