This Week in Awesome

While I was on hiatus, I started doing something on Twitter every Sunday night. I decided to start summarizing my weeks — from parks and free events, to restaurants, happy hours, and museums, I felt it was a good way to share how I spent my time and to give ideas for others to do the same.

Since I haven’t yet summarized my weeks since I’ve been “back”, I’ve opted to combine the past couple for a mega Week in Awesome.

The past couple of weeks have included dinner at one of my favorite places, Currito in Hyde Park; lunch on Fountain Square on a really pretty day; dinner at Fireside Pizza with family; lunch at Maplewood Kitchen and Bar with a friend in from out of town; and dinner with my best friend at BRU Burger Bar before going to US Bank Arena for the Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions.

My weeks in awesome don’t end there, though. I also spent some time at Washington Park (and WaPa Dog Park); had some beer at The Woodburn and Listermann, plus wings from Renegade Street Eats; ate dinner at Habits Cafe; perused the Main Library downtown during lunch; checked out Walnut Hills’ newest bar, The Video Archive; had trivia night at Midway Cafe in Ft. Thomas; drank a beer on the patio at Queen City Radio; tried the new Taste of Belgium at The Banks*; watched the Liverpool match at Rhinehaus; bowled in our league at Crossgate Lanes; tailgated at The Woodburn for the Bengals’ early morning game from London; and ate lunch at Skyline.

Happy Monday and have a great week!

*More on this later.


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