National Sandwich Day 2016


Happy National Sandwich Day! Last year I wrote a comprehensive list of my favorite sandwiches in the area (and last week I even wrote about my Favorite Five Breakfast Sandwiches). While I think all of those sandwiches are delicious (RIP Son of a Preacher Man), here is an updated list of sammies I absolutely love in 2016.

C’est Cheese Bee Sting (food truck)
Eckerlin Meats Breakfast Sandwich (Findlay Market)
Maplewood Kitchen and Bar Breakfast Sandwich (CBD)
Mita’s Cuban (lunch menu only, CBD)
Moerlein Lager House Beer Can Chicken Melt (CBD)

Pho Lang Thang Banh Mi (Chinese BBQ pork, Findlay Market)
Taft’s Ale House Bacon Cheddar (with chicken, OTR)

Some of my favorite places to get a sandwich:
Cafe de Sales (East Walnut Hills)
Carl’s Deli (Hyde Park)
Fred & Gari’s (CBD)
Silverglades (CBD/Findlay Market)


I’m embarrassed to admit I still haven’t been to Press on Monmouth, but I’d imagine they’d have a place on either or both of these lists. Tell BK we need to go soon!

To supplement this list, I will be posting tomorrow about my favorite sandwich of all and where to get what I consider to be the best in the city. Any guesses what my favorite might be?


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