Favorite Five: Grilled Cheese

If you guessed that my favorite sandwich is a grilled cheese, you’d be right. Seeing as I consider myself to be a sophisticated six-year-old when it comes to eating, this should not be a surprise. Case in point:

C’est Cheese Bee Sting
Mozzarella, pepperoni, and basil-infused honey on tuscan pane with chili-flaked butter.
Location: food truck

Frisch’s Grilled Cheese
American cheese on small bread (not Texas toast).
Location: multiple

Habits Grilled Cheese 
American, swiss, and cheddar grilled together (86 the bacon and tomato).
Location: Oakley

Maplewood Grilled Cheese
Vermont Cheddar, havarti, and Boursin on 16 Bricks sourdough bread (86 slow-roasted tomatoes)
Location: CBD

Tom+Chee Grilled Cheese Donut
Glazed donut grilled with cheddar cheese. (Trust me when I say this is amazing.) The Mac + Chee is a close second.
Location: multiple

Honorable Mention: The Eagle, Gilpin’s, Nation, Northside Yacht Club, and most diners (e.g. Chili Time, Pleasant Ridge Chili, Red Fox, Tucker’s, etc.).


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