Review: Riverside Korean Restaurant

For Monthiversary Meal Vol. 2, I present to you Riverside Korean Restaurant. As I mentioned in my last post, our monthiversary is today, Election Day, and we have no intention to leave our house. Therefore, we went to Riverside on Sunday night.

I’ve had some traditional Korean dishes in the past (such as bibimbap and bulgogi), and Riverside had been recommended to us on a number of occasions by Korean friends who count Riverside to be among the best, most authentic Korean cuisine in the area.

After months of wanting to try it, we finally went.


To start, we ordered Twee Kim Man Du (deep fried dumplings filled with beef and vegetables) and, with our entrees, we were served Ban Chan, which are traditional side dishes — ours included potatoes, crab salad, black beans, kimchee, zucchini, and radishes, but I understand the dishes can change seasonally. My favorites were the potatoes and crab salad. BK got the Dol Sot Bi Bim Bab, a hot stone bowl with rice, vegetables, beef, and a sunny side up egg, and I ordered the Bul Go Gi, which is a marinated beef dish served with rice. Getting bibimbap in a stone bowl is key, because the rice caramelizes into what I learned is called nurungji (“scorched rice”), and which is packaged as a snack in Korea (shout out to my friend for the insider knowledge). Everything was awesome, especially the Bul Go Gi and nurungji.

Parking was available on the street and the restaurant was much smaller than we were expecting. Service was good, pop was served in cans, and there was also a wine list available. Overall the food and experience were both great.

I’m not well versed in what’s considered authentic; I just know what I like. And Riverside was awesome. Will absolutely be back.


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