Favorite Five: Donuts

Glazed donut and donut holes from Oxford Doughnut Shoppe

I’m a minimalist through and through, even when it comes to donuts. There are only a few flavors I absolutely love (think glazed, chocolate, and cinnamon sugar), and these are the places that do them best:

Holtman’s Donuts yeast with chocolate icing
Seemingly everyone knows about Holtman’s, but their donuts really are that good.
Location: Loveland, Over-the-Rhine, Williamsburg; Coming Soon: West Chester

Graeter’s sugar twist
One of my all-time favorite donuts. So simple and delicious.
Location: Multiple

Oxford Doughnut Shoppe glazed yeast donut
Truly the best glazed donut I’ve ever had, and I love glazed donuts.
Location: 120 S Locust St, Oxford, Ohio

Servatii glazed yeast donut (only in shape)
Yeast glazed donuts are a simple pleasure and Servatii does it so well. Soft and sweet and chewy and delicious. Fabulous texture and great flavor.
Location: Multiple

Tweedles Mini Donuts (aka Daylight Donuts)
Fresh mini donuts made to order. I got half glazed and half with chocolate sauce. So warm and delicious!
Location: Findlay Market, Kenwood Towne Center, McMillan near University of Cincinnati

Honorable Mention: Busken sugar twist, Top This Donut Bar, Tom + Chee’s grilled cheese donut

If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears. I love donuts!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. You know I have to give a nod to the NCH Bakery. ❤

  2. Forgot about them! Haven’t had a donut from there in years, but they generally have great baked goods. Usually have cookies and cake from NCH. 🙂

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