Dog-Friendly Breweries

This post is out of date. For an up-to-date list of dog-friendly businesses, click here. For a more complete (and ever-evolving) list of dog-friendly breweries, check out the Brewery Guide.

Since getting a dog, I understand how great it is to know which places in the city are dog-friendly. Fortunately, many restaurants with patios are dog-friendly in the Cincinnati area. In that same breath, many breweries are, too. With colder weather looming, it’s more difficult to find places that are dog-friendly inside AND out. Below is a list of breweries in the greater Cincinnati area and their dog-friendly statuses — yes, inside and out, or patio only; and no.

A number of breweries also serve food, are logistically unable, or have chosen to not be dog-friendly (their prerogative), so use this list accordingly when planning your next visit with your four-legged friend(s).

The Woodburn
Municipal Brew Works

Yes (inside and out)

Bad Tom Smith (East End)
Braxton Brewing Company (Covington)
Darkness Brewing (Bellevue)
Fifty West Production Works (Mariemont)
Listermann Brewing Company (Norwood)
Old Firehouse Brewery (Williamsburg)
Paradise Brewing Supplies (Anderson Twp)*
Rivertown Brewery and Barrel House (Lockland)

   Yes in the bar area, but not the game room
The Woodburn Brewery (East Walnut Hills)
Wooden Cask Brewing Company (Newport)*

Yes (patio only)
Blank Slate Brewing Company (East End)
Brink Brewing Co. (College Hill)*

Cellar Dweller at Valley Vineyards (Morrow)
Ei8ht Ball Brewing (Bellevue)
Fibonacci Brewing Company (Mt. Healthy)
Fifty West Brewing Company (Mariemont)
Great Crescent Brewery (Aurora, IN)
MadTree Brewing 2.0 (Oakley)*

Mt. Carmel Brewing Company (Mt. Carmel)
Municipal Brew Works (Hamilton)
Narrow Path Brewing Co. (Loveland)*

Streetside Brewery (Columbia Tusculum)
Tap & Screw Brewery (Western Hills)
Urban Artifact (Northside)

Christian Moerlein (OTR)
Dogberry Brewing (West Chester)
FigLeaf Brewing Company (Middletown)
Mash Cult at Party Town (Florence)
Nine Giant Brewing (Pleasant Ridge)
Queen City Brewery of Cincinnati (Blue Ash)*

Rhinegeist Brewery (OTR)
Rivertown Brewery and Barrel House (Monroe)

Taft’s Ale House (OTR)

This list will eventually have its own page on the site and will be updated as needed. I also plan on putting together a comprehensive dog-friendly Cincinnati list. To stay up to date and informed about other dog-friendly places in the city, follow @dogfriendlycincy on Instagram for more!

Coming Soon:
Alexandria Brewing Co. (Alexandria) – late Spring 2017
Swine City Brewing Co. (Fairfield) – Spring 2017
West Side Brewing (Westwood) – Spring 2017

Editors Note: This list is always changing. Most recently updated on 2/27/17.

*Edited after initial publishing


11 Comments Add yours

  1. Paradise Brewing is dog-friendly inside and outside.

    1. Thank you! Information has been updated.

  2. Paradise Brewing is in fact dog friendly… they even have a shop dog that’s there everyday

    1. Thanks for the insight. Content has been edited accordingly!

  3. Rachel says:

    Actually Rivertown is dog friendly inside the bar room only, not in the game room 🙂 our pup goes every Weds.

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I had no idea. 🙂

      1. Rachel says:

        New rivertown in Monroe is on the no list due to the restaurant focus. Not on patio either at this point.

    2. Rachel says:

      Also, I’ve learned Fig Leaf is a no because the owner is highly allergic to dogs. So it’s not just a screw you sentiment 🙂

      1. Yep! I was sure to ask FigLeaf directly about their dog-friendly status, and I totally understand. How a business is run is the owners’ prerogative 🙂

  4. While technically not a brewery, Growler House is also very dog friendly and has beers from most people on this list! (can add to your next round-up).

    1. The Growler House is one of Franklin’s favorites! Will certainly be adding to the more comprehensive list. Thanks for reading! 😃

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