Review: LPH Pizza Co.

Pizzannati: our ongoing quest to find the best cheese pizza in Cincinnati, as co-founded by Swarles Barkley and myself because, despite the crap we get for loving and ordering plain pizza, Swarles and I wholeheartedly agree that, if a restaurant cannot master the basics, how can it be considered quality?

For our 14th stop, we decided on the newly enshrined LPH Pizza Co., located in Lower Price Hill (hence, the name), joined by two of our Pizzannati group members.

We parked on the street outside, walked in, and the place was tiny and featured order-at-the-counter service (my favorite). Despite having a reasonably large menu featuring appetizers, salads, soups, sides, pasta, subs, calzones, sweets, and specialty pies, we decided to keep it simple. We started with a half dozen cheese-stuffed breadsticks — served with marinara, garlic butter, and ranch, of course — and they were outstanding. They were only $4.50 and the garlic butter was delicious and the ranch was great. The marinara was interesting; probably more of a pasta sauce than a pizza sauce, but it was fine. All sauces were made in house, which gets a huge thumbs up from me.

Cheese-stuffed breadsticks and marinara sauce

Large pizza with goetta

Because there is an $8 large, one topping pizza deal on Tuesdays, we decided to get three larges between the four of us (I know, but leftovers): one with extra cheese, another with pepperoni, and the third with goetta. Truth be told, I only tried the cheese pizza and it was really good. Again, the sauce was a bit different — not bad, but different, and much better on the pizza as opposed to as a dipping sauce. Cheese was aplenty, not too much sauce on the pie, and the crust was delicious. Paired with ranch, it was really good.

It’s worth mentioning that LPH is also on GrubHub and they deliver, plus they have specials six days a week. If you decide to dine in, be warned that the vents may not have been functioning all that well. It was very smoky for our entire meal. That’s my only complaint and it’s a small one. Otherwise a pleasant experience with good service and for very reasonable.

*See also: ice cream, burgers, etc.


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