Review: Gomez Salsa

Yes, the much-anticipated Gomez Salsa we all know and love has finally opened the doors to its sit-down expansion restaurant in Walnut Hills.

The next edition of Gomez features all the same bells and whistles and turtles and tacos as the OTR walk-up location, but also has alcohol, seating, a rear entrance to Five Points Biergarten, and counter service. (Those of you who read the site know that counter service is my favorite.) The food is what you’ve come to love and expect from Gomez, so I won’t go on about how good it was. We all know it’s delicious.

In its soft opening, we arrived around 7pm on Friday night, ordered food at the counter (the ordering process is slightly different, so keep that in mind), got a couple of beers (the Fire Margarita was also very good), and were out in about 45 minutes. I was impressed by how quickly the food arrived, and the only reason we were there for close to an hour was because we took our time drinking our beers and we were talking with neighborhood friends.

When you have the chance, go. And then check out any of the other great places in the Walnut Hillses while you’re in the area. Outstanding addition to the neighborhood.


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