Great New Places to Try While You’re in Town for the Holidays

I recently had a friend and expat give a great idea about a blog post, which would detail great new places to try while visiting for the holidays. Here’s her proposition (edited only for formatting):

Dear Tour de Cincy,

At the end of July I packed my bags and relocated from Cincinnati to Accra, Ghana. I’ve tried to keep up with what’s been going on while I’ve been away, but there’s too much! I’ll be back in December and I need to make sure I don’t miss anything while I’m in town.

My current to-do list includes: riding the streetcar, coffee at Carabello’s Analog Bar, and drinking at Woodburn Brewery. Beer and a good burger are definitely what I’m looking forward to the most.

Any new spots where I can take my dog? And a suggestion for a nicer dinner somewhere new? The best beer collabs that will still be around (no IPAs, please)?

I can’t wait to see what I’m missing!

Gone to Ghana (I kid. Her name is Sable.)

New places and things to try:
Cincinnati Bell Connector (Downtown)
Go for the experience; stay for the entire 3.6 mile loop.

Gomez Salsa (Walnut Hills)*
Go for the great food from one of your favorite OTR eateries; stay for the beer and margaritas in its new Walnut Hills location.

Maplewood Kitchen and Bar (CBD)
Go for the breakfast sandwich, grilled cheese, lemon ricotta pancakes, or anything else, really; stay for the beautiful interior.

Pleasantry (OTR)
I’ve not yet been (gasp!), but this place has been recommended time and time again — between its breakfast (see: Avocado Toast), lunch, and dinner, plus wine and coffee.

Queen City Radio (OTR)*
Go for the beer, slushies, and Queen City Whip burger; stay for the atmosphere — you never know if it’ll be 70 degrees to enjoy the patio sometime this holiday season. And don’t forget your dog!

Skeleton Root (OTR)
I’ve not yet been, but I’ve heard great things about Cincinnati’s newest wine bar and tasting room. See also: Corkopolis on Main Street

The Woodburn Brewery and Taproom (East Walnut Hills)*
Go for the good beer (I recommend the Belgian Wheat, Pale Ale, Pineapple Saison, and Steinpils); stay for the fantastic space, which features TVs, plenty of seating, and light bites by Mazunte. Don’t forget to bring Fido!

The Video Archive (Walnut Hills)*
Go for the unique theme and good drinks (cocktails, beer, and wine); stay for the patio space and easy access to Just Q’in. Keep in mind you can bring your dog!

Your Friends and Neighbors (East Walnut Hills)
Another addition to the East Walnut Hills business district, YFAN features handmade goods, artwork, and gifts. 

Other new places from the past year that are must tries:
BRU Burger Bar (CBD), E+O Kitchen (Hyde Park), Streetside Brewery (Columbia Tusculum)**, and Taste of Belgium at the Banks (CBD). 

The oldies-but-goodies list of things to do:
Some of my favorite places in the city that aren’t new but are well worth seeing.

American Sign Museum (Camp Washington)
Blank Slate Brewing Co. (East End) – the best seasonal beer, Opera Cream
Contemporary Arts Center (CBD) – free admission through February 2017

Findlay Market (OTR)**
PNC Festival of Lights (Cincinnati Zoo)
All of these 

Have any other ideas for what visitors should do while they’re in town this holiday season? Share in the comments or on Facebook!

**Dog-friendly (outdoors only)


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