This Week in Awesome

After Thanksgiving, BK and I decided to take it easy as often as we can through the holidays — easy on the wallet and the waistline. Therefore, this past week was a great combination of relaxing, eating better (meaning packing lunch and eating in most days), and not spending as much as we usually do.

March to the Woodward Theater for #MLS2Cincy

Coffee Emporium date and potential album cover if we ever release one

As a result, this past week included a stop to Rhinehaus for a Little Kings before heading to the Woodward Theater for Don Garber’s visit to Cincinnati for #MLS2Cincy, re-stocking food for Franklin from Pet Wants, breakfast from Hathaway’s Diner, Franklin getting his picture taken with Santa (all proceeds benefit the Stray Animal Adoption Program), celebrating The Growler House‘s 2nd birthday, another beer at The Woodburn, morning fuel stop at Coffee Emporium before watching Liverpool at Rhinehaus, and a trip to Otto Armleder Dog Park for Frank to get some exercise. We had tickets to go to Redsfest on Saturday but, because of unforeseen car issues that had to get handled, we were unable to make it.

You can have your dog’s photo taken with Santa again on Sunday, December 11, at Pet Wants in Ft. Thomas. 100% of your $15 donation will be gifted to the Stray Animal Adoption Program. See the event page here

I hope everyone had a great week. Hoping for another mostly relaxing week to come.



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