Review: Wabi Sabi

Greater Cincinnatians love their half price sushi and I am no exception.

I’ve made it no secret how much I love Wabi Sabi, which is located on Madison Avenue in Covington, and neighbors some truly great Asian restaurants — AmerAsia (Chinese) and Riverside (Korean). I’ve been saying for months that you’d be hard pressed to find a better trifecta of Asian food in such close proximity in the region.

I absolutely love Wabi Sabi because crowds are smaller on weeknights, the service is great and pretty quick, and the food is solid. I like sitting at the bar, watching soccer (it’s always on there, in addition to any other sporting events that are on at the time), and ordering shrimp shumai to start if I can help it, before diving into an entree of rolls and nigiri. Of everything I’ve had, it’s all been quality — or as quality as you can get in landlocked Cincinnati, anyway.

Some favorites include: Airforce, BBQ Eel (nigiri), Dragon, Dynamite, and Sunday Morning (topped with sriracha and not spicy mayo, like most other sushi restaurants serve it). My absolute favorite is one I had more recently, the Playboy (I’m not a fan of the name either).

The beer selection is okay, but I usually forego getting beer. It makes the half-price sushi meal that much cheaper. You can easily get out of there for under $30 (for two), including tip. Perhaps my favorite thing about Wabi Sabi is that, compared to other sushi restaurants in the area, I especially love the atmosphere here. While many others feel dark and dingy, Wabi Sabi has high ceilings and gets decent natural light. There is also a covered patio to eat outside in warmer months.

Huge fan.



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