Review: Maplewood Kitchen and Bar

Our monthiversary was last week, so for our third Monthiversary Meal, we decided to go someplace we’d been before, but never for dinner. I’ve raved about this place since it opened in June, and have been a number of times for lunch. I’ve loved everything I’ve had, from the Breakfast Sandwich and Lemon Ricotta pancakes, to hashbrowns, Eggs Your Way, and even the Grilled Cheese (with Boursin!) — it’s all delicious. Therefore, because we were in the Central Business District anyway, we decided to finally check it out for dinner.

It’s worth mentioning again how beautiful this place is. The interior is well thought out and decorated; casual, yet somehow fancy. There is an abundance of seating (great for groups, even), a full bar with draft beer, and a few TVs. The bar itself is gorgeous — constructed with light distressed wood and marble; a nice change to dark rustic bars popping up seemingly everywhere around town.

Maplewood Burger with ground chuck, short rib and tenderloin, Vermont white cheddar, iceberg lettuce, mayonnaise, 16 Bricks sesame bun (86 the house pickles and grilled tomatoes)

Tacos al Pastor (ancho marinated pork shoulder, jicama, pineapple, charred onion, house-made corn tortilla, smokey black bean side)

There are menu boards hanging just before you order at the counter (counter service is my favorite!), from which I decided to have the Maplewood Burger and fries (because of course), and BK opted for the Tacos al Pastor. We both loved what we got and I especially loved that fries came on the side with the burger. (To be fair, all sandwiches come with your choice of side, it just so happens my choice is always fries.) I’m growing pretty tired of having to buy fries separately, so paying $12 for a great cheeseburger and fries was a nice change of pace. In addition to our food, we each got a beer (Rivertown Roebling for me and Rhinegeist Truth for him) and service was pleasant as usual.

Maplewood is the same great concept and beautiful interior for dinner as it is for lunch, but with beer* and a different menu. This, the sixth installment from Thunderdome Restaurant Group, might be my favorite edition (and I love Currito and Krueger’s). Service is always great and the food is awesome. Still a fantastic addition to the CBD. 

They really got it right when they described Maplewood as “fine-casual.”

*I know they serve alcohol at all times, but beer is far more acceptable to drink with dinner than with workday lunch.


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