This Week in Awesome

The holidays always feels like a whirlwind. A whirlwind of get-togethers, going out to eat, and a little too much imbibing. As the holiday season ramps up, so do the goings-on and nostalgia.

This past week included patronizing local institutions that have since closed or will be closing its doors in the coming weeks — the former being Neons, whose last day in operation was Saturday and where my earliest and best memories include playing in the inaugural OTR Urban Kickball League, eating Cafe de Wheels during Yelp! Trivia, and putting candles in a Holtman’s donut for my 28th birthday; the latter being a burger special lunch with BK at Park + Vine. In all the times I’ve shopped at Park + Vine, I’d never eaten there. BK loves it and goes frequently for lunch, and since I really liked it and want to try other things on the menu, we will be meeting each other at least once or twice before its last day of business on January 15.

28th birthday celebration at Neons

Cold weather also means comfort food, which explains my need for a grilled cheese and fries from Hathaway’s Diner, and a holiday luncheon at the neighboring Hilton that featured Abby Girl Sweets cupcakes. The rest of the week featured dinner from Dancing Roll, our company’s holiday party and four-course meal from Via Vite, an NCH Bakery donut delivery from a friend, wings and brezels from Delicio (University Station), Xavier pre-game at Listermann and with wings from Renegade Street Eats, Xavier vs. Wake Forest, breakfast from Bluebird Restaurant and, to top off the weekend, we got Shaan Indian Cuisine, just as we used to most Sunday nights.


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  1. Oh, no – Park + Vine is closing?! That’s sad news.

    1. Yep. Its owner is looking for a change and is ready to move on.

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