Favorite Five: Eating Healthy

After last week’s Favorite Five, it’s only fair to rebut it with a healthy eating post just in time for the new year.

The biggest resolution year in and year out is to lose weight. A more sustainable option, in my opinion, is to change your lifestyle by eating more healthy overall. Whether it’s “cleaning” up your act, portion control, or focusing on consuming locally sourced goods, stick to eating healthier this year by checking out some of my favorite healthy dining options:

FUSIAN (CBD, Clifton, Kenwood, Hyde Park)
As long as you’re not overdoing it, sushi can be extremely healthy. Go light on the sauce and 86 tempura crunch, and instead build your own roll at FUSIAN, where you can load up on your protein of choice, plus vegetables and the ingredient of the month. Pro tip: you can build your own roll on their website and calculate nutrition facts. You’re welcome. Also try the Spicy Edamame.

Maplewood Kitchen and Bar (CBD)
Locally sourced (and delicious) goods are a lot of what make Maplewood so great. From its salads to cage-free eggs to grass-fed beef, its fresh ingredients make some of the most delicious food around. Try the Eggs Your Way with fruit, Avocado Toast, or Greek Yogurt for brunch, or Super Greens Salad, Spicy Tuna Tacos, or Organic Salmon for dinner; Cold Pressed Juices any time of day.

National Exemplar (Mariemont)
The National Exemplar has been serving American cuisine and drinks since 1983. Try the Roasted Veggie omelet or Egg Whites & Quinoa Scramble for breakfast; Choose Two or Grilled Salmon Caesar Salad for lunch; Seared Scallops or BBQ Shrimp salad for dinner. And sit outside if it’s nice out!

Pho Lang Thang (Findlay Market, OTR)
Head to Findlay Market for your next lunch or dinner, and get Pho Lang Thang. It’s delicious and the serving sizes are just right. Try the Salad Rolls, Chicken Soup, or even Banh Mi (even with baguette, it’s a pretty healthy dish).

Sleepy Bee Cafe (Blue Ash, Oakley)
Another good restaurant with their unique take on traditional items made with fresh, local ingredients. Try the Tofu Scramble, Greek Bee omelet, Bumblebee’s Breakfast, or a smoothie.

Honorable mention: Cheapside, Dilly Cafe, Ingredients, Fresh Table, Green Dog Cafe, Loving Hut, Melt (reopening in Northside at some point), Pleasantry, Quan Hapa, Rooted Juicery and Kitchen, Ruth’s Parkside Cafe, and Silver Ladle.

More Tips
Go to restaurants featuring:

  • Soups with broth bases
    Try places like Cilantro, Le’s Pho, Pho Lang Thang, Dope, and Quan Hapa
  • Dishes with proteins and vegetables
    Try Mediterranean restaurants like Andy’s, Aladdin’s, Abigail Street, Cafe Mediterranean, and Kinneret Cafe
  • Sandwiches with fresh ingredients and without cheese and full fat condiments
    Avril-Bleh, Carl’s Food Shop, Fred and Gari’s, Scherpies Produce & Deli, and Silverglades
  • Seafood dishes and vegetable sides
    The Anchor and Zula
  • Salads that aren’t covered in high fat ingredients and dressings (stock up on veggies and drizzle it with a delicious vinaigrette!)
    Ingredients, Silver Ladle, Silverglades
  • Vegetarian and vegan specialties
    Green Dog Cafe, Loving Hut, Melt, Rooted Juicery and Kitchen, and Pho Lang Thang

Drink so much water. 64 ounces in a day isn’t enough, no matter who says it is.

Skip the cheese and condiments.

Load up on vegetables.

Plan your meal ahead of time. Studies show that if you plan what you’re eating before you arrive to a restaurant, you’re more likely to stick to eating a healthy dish.

Eating healthy is a conscious choice. There are healthy options almost everywhere — if you have to, get a chicken breast or plain grilled salmon with vegetables as your meal (a lot of restaurants serve it even if it’s not on the menu). As long as you do your research and do as best as you can planning, you will consume better-for-you foods and succeed in living a healthier lifestyle.

That said, everything in moderation — even moderation. I still like to enjoy my cheat meal every week and suggest you do, too.

Happy New year!

Disclaimer: I am not a dietitian and am not licensed to give explicit dietary advice. While some dietary needs are beneficial for some, they may not be for others. This is merely a list of ideas for where to eat more healthy when you go out to eat in the area. If you have specific dietary concerns, please consult a doctor.

[Edited slightly on 12/29/17 to remove closed restaurants and add new ones.]


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