An Introduction to 2017

Each year I’ve tried to create a sort of recurring theme. In 2013 I visited one new place every week for a whole year. In 2014 I set out to photograph a new place every week for a whole year, which lasted about three weeks and ultimately turned into the same as what I did in 2013. In 2015 I introduced weekend recaps amid a hiatus from February to April and again from November 2015 until I picked up the keyboard again just a few months ago. I’ve spent the past few months writing reviews, a new recurring series in Favorite Fives published on Fridays as a fun way to usher in the weekends, and This Week in Awesome posts to start the week.

In 2017, I plan on keeping with Favorite Fives, This Week in Awesome posts, and reviews, but will also introduce a new recurring series:


Cincinnati consists of 52 neighborhoods within 78 square miles of rolling hills and picturesque landscapes. Each of these neighborhoods brings a distinct set of businesses, people, and architecture to our overall cityscape, and it is important to highlight each of these great communities.

In addition to the city of Cincinnati’s 52 neighborhoods, there are many surrounding suburbs that contribute equally unique landscapes to the region.

By randomly and regularly posting Neighborhood Highlights, it will give an opportunity to touch on greater Cincinnati in its entirety. There is so much that this city has to offer and it’s only fair and fun to share as much as I can, whether they are restaurants, museums, venues, drinkeries, or parks and public spaces.

Have any ideas about places I should visit or write about? Share below in the comments or on Facebook.

Keep your eye out for the inaugural post!

Disclaimer: The idea to put a spotlight on various communities in Cincinnati is to give an idea for a destination to spend a day or evening that you maybe haven’t before. Some neighborhoods are more residential and less commercial than others. That doesn’t negate their uniqueness in the overall landscape of greater Cincinnati, but that is why some will not be discussed on the Neighborhood Spotlight series, or why some neighborhoods are grouped together. I’d also like to note that the neighborhoods are selected at random and the places chosen within each are merely some of my favorites out of places I’ve been and not necessarily the best. I’m always looking for ideas of where to go!

[Featured photo: courtesy of Jason Gardner]


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  1. If you decide to trek out to my ‘burb, let me know! 😉

    1. It’s on the agenda! May have to pick your brain for some ideas. 😃

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