This Week+ in Awesome

With the New Year, it was an irregular week last week, so I will be extending my Week in Awesome through the weekend prior.

It started with Maplewood Kitchen and Bar for lunch with friends from out of town. Maplewood is the recommendation I make for all the out-of-towners I meet for lunch. I work about a block away and the place is awesome. They’ve all seemed pretty impressed by it, too.

We then had a NYE wedding in Columbus, so we dropped Franklin off at The Pet Spot and made our way north, where we stopped by Land-Grant Brewing Company before checking into our hotel and heading on to the reception. Land-Grant was great — cool spot and good beer, of which we got try eight. We also got a couple of six packs to go. (Columbus is also a great beer city. Make a short road trip to check out all of their cool spots.) [Observed] New Year’s Day off included LaRosa’s for lunch and Wabi Sabi for dinner, while the rest of the week meant Taste of Belgium for trivia night and veggie couscous, plus Taqueria Mercado with coworkers.

For our monthiversary, we headed to The Works* with my brother, sister-in-law, and my nephews, followed by Narrow Path Brewing Company,* the new brewery recently opened in Downtown Loveland.

Saturday was a busy one, which began with a dog-friendly trip to King Arthur’s Court Toys. With an afternoon Xavier game, we decided to make a day of it. What started with burgers at Gordo’s, followed with a beer at Listermann, a Xavier win vs. St. Johns (and another beer from D’Artagnan’s Deck), meeting for a friend’s birthday at 16-Bit, another beer and meeting with a friend at rhinehaus, turtles from Gomez in Walnut Hills, cocktails at The Video Archive, and finally Brew House for a coworker’s birthday.

Sunday, thankfully, was a lazy one, which concluded with one of our neighborhood favorites, Suzie Wong’s.

It was a good week+ spent with friends and a great way to start the new year. A lot of time spent in our neighborhood, too, which was awesome.

Happy Monday, all!

*More on this later.


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