Review: Ohio Book Store

Situated on Main Street just south of 8th lies Ohio Book Store, one of Cincinnati’s truest gems. Ohio Book Store features five floors of books and magazines and has been in operation for more than 75 years. That’s a lot of stories. (See what I did there?)

Once upon a time I took a Bookmaking workshop in college. It remains one of my favorite courses and perhaps that is why I prefer the aesthetic appeal of books and how they’re made over their content. In addition to selling thousands of books and magazines, Ohio Book Store restores books, including vintage reads and family heirlooms. Because bookbinding is becoming more rare, Ohio Book Store cannot keep track of the volume of repairs they receive from around the country. How cool?!


If you’re ever doing any exploring in the Central Business District, you have to check out Ohio Book Store. Not only does it smell amazing (seriously, who doesn’t love the smell of books?), but there is so much great stuff to look through — from cook books, novels, anthologies, and nonfiction, to law resource books and stacks of National Geographic and LIFE magazines, there is something for everyone. There is also an abundance of Cincinnati and Ohio publications. My favorite parts are definitely the decades of National Geographic publications that are organized by month and year (find the edition from the month and year you were born!), and how photogenic the place is.

Visit idea: grab lunch on a Saturday at nearby Arnold’s, Taqueria Mercado, or Neuf, and budget some of your time to stop by Ohio Book Store, too!

If you haven’t been, go, and go soon.

Store Hours: Monday–Friday, 9am–4:45pm; Saturday, 9am–4:30pm
Bindery Hours: Monday–Friday, 9am–4:30pm


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