Review: Frida 602

First and foremost, I’d like to acknowledge that this is Tour de Cincinnati’s 300th post. 300. Wow. And there is still so much to talk about! Anyone who thinks there is nothing to do in this city certainly isn’t trying very hard. This little ol’ website has been viewed 36,057 times by 22,723 people in 106 countriesTHANK YOU for reading and for sharing in this wonderful city with me. I’m really looking forward to what’s to come!  -Linsey

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

I was recently telling BK how hard it is to try all the new places around town. Three and four years ago it was a bit easier, but with new bars and eateries popping up in multiples seemingly every week, it’s really hard to give all the new places a try while still going to places we love.

Partner that with the fact we aren’t big into Mexican* food, this was the first time I’d had Frida despite it having opened nearly 18 months ago.

We parked in a public lot (there is also street parking) and made the short walk into the thick of MainStrasse, where we happened upon this cutie of a restaurant. The decor was wonderful and the restaurant itself was much larger than met the eye. It was somehow rustic yet whimsical and elegant and casual all at the same time, though its bright, eclectic appearance felt intentional.

Absolutely loved the decor and especially this chandelier molding
Chips and three salsas — fresca, verde, and smoked peanut
Cubano with smoked ham, carnitas pork, pickle, mustard, and swiss on local sourdough
Al Pastor, Fried Fish, and Brussels Sprout tacos

To start we got the salsa sampler — fresca, verde, and smoked peanut — which we agreed were all perfectly spicy and delicious. I got a pop while BK had two happy hour beers at $2 apiece. For entrees, I was disappointed that they were out of Beef Empanadas (a reason to return, in my opinion), so I got a Cubano instead, and BK ordered Al Pastor, Brussels Sprout, and Fried Fish tacos. The food was all very good, though I especially loved the sourdough the Cuban was served on, and thought the Brussels Sprout taco was outstanding.

Additional highlights of note:

  • You can get a flour tortilla instead of a corn tortilla upon request. (Part of my apprehension of tacos these days is that I don’t like corn tortillas, so this was a huge plus in my opinion.)
  • It’s no sports bar, but it becomes a little less pretentious when there’s a TV on the wall in the bar area. Bonus: it was airing MLS at the time.
  • Pitchers of margaritas are hand made and shaken by the pint. I was unreasonably excited about this for no good reason, but I loved it.
  • Happy hour is every day of the week (except Mondays because they’re closed) from 5 until 7pm — $5 Frida margaritas, $20 Frida margarita pitchers, and $2 Mexican beer.

We really liked Frida and would be happy to return. Delicious food with good drinks and happy hour specials every day they’re open? Can’t beat that.

*Historically we haven’t been huge fans of Mexican food, but have been to a handful of Mexican restaurants in the past few months. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say we are on a kick.


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