Review: The Root Beer Stand

What better way to celebrate eight months of marital bliss than to go to a Cincinnati institution upon our return to the states?

I present to you Monthiversary Meal Vol. 8.

On March 20 — the start of spring — The Root Beer Stand opened for its 60th season. This landmark is truly a no-frills family-owned stand situated just north of Cincinnati in Sharonville. And It. Is. Amazing. A wonderful neon light welcomes you to this charming, majestic suburban eatery, where you park, go inside to order, receive your order in about four minutes, then either sit at the counter or head to the tables out back.

The Root Beer Stand in all its old-fashioned glory
Inside of The Root Beer Stand, where there is counter seating

At the counter, I ordered a double cheeseburger (add lettuce and mayo; 86 pickles) with plain chips and a small root beer float, while BK got a 6″ chili and cheese hot dog with BBQ chips and a medium root beer. Seating wasn’t available inside — there are about 10 counter seats — so we took our fare and headed to a picnic table out back.

Small root beer float (with delicious ice cream!)
Double cheeseburger with lettuce and mayo (86 pickles)
6″ chili and cheese hot dog (with mustard and onion, of course)

My burger was wonderful — perfect flavor and bun-to-patty proportions. If I don’t get my cheeseburger plain, I prefer it with mayo and lettuce, toppings that made this burger really delicious. (It’s no wonder they are featured on Cincinnati Magazine’s Top 45 Burger list.) I also loved my root beer float and BK’s signature root beer was awesome. Plus they serve Husman’s chips! And the best part? The Root Beer Stand is quick, kid-friendly, and really inexpensive to boot.

Check out that price tag!

This is the best $11 I’ve spent in a long time. (Yes, $11!) I will absolutely be back. I even told BK, “If I lived closer, I’d be here all the time.”

Note: The Root Beer Stand is cash only

11566 Reading Road
Sharonville, Ohio 45241
Monday–Saturday, 10am–9pm

Sunday, 11am–8pm

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Featured image: a double cheeseburger (with chips and a float in the background)


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  1. Get the Timmy Dog!!! Always get the Timmy Dog!!!

    1. That sounds awesome. Next time, for sure! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

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