Recap: This Week in Awesome

From a couple of really great concerts to double dates, matchday futsal, some quality time with Franklin, and lunch at Hidden Valley Lake (for inquiring minds: no, this is not a lake filled with ranch), this past week was wonderful. Busy, but really great. I got to do and see so many wonderful places, people, and things that I’m grateful for every single day.

Here are some highlights:

Pineapple Fried Rice with pork at Siam Orchid
Goods from Eli’s (If you haven’t had the Two All-Beef Dogs plate (below), you’re not doing it right
The Naan Comformist (chicken tikka masala bowl) from Injoy Street Food at Asian Food Fest
Spam Musubi from Ono Grindz at Asian Food Fest (Let your previous misconceptions about Spam go. This traditional Hawaiian delicacy is so, so good)
Bouquets of flowers from Hyde Park Floral & Garden Center
Decor inside of Revel OTR
Ben Folds performing with the Cincinnati Pops (conducted by Sarah Hicks)

So much delicious food
Earlier in the week we met a couple of friends for dinner at Siam Orchid before getting ice cream at Schneider’s Sweet Shop (located right across the street from one another in Bellevue). Additional trysts with great food included Eli’s BBQ, Asian Food Fest, and Gomez Salsa Cantina – Walnut Hills.

Hyde Park Floral & Garden Center 
Being the great planner that I am — no, really, I put “get flowers” into my schedule for Sunday without considering how many other people would be doing the same on Mother’s Day and how many places would be closed for the occasion — I didn’t get Mother’s Day flowers until Sunday morning. I wanted them fresh and, thankfully, Hyde Park Floral was able to make beautiful bouquets for me on the spot and within about 15 minutes. For reasonable, too! (It’s a small price to pay to support local and I’m always happy to make that investment.)

Friday night jaunt around town
A lot of people don’t like doing much on Fridays. They say they’re too tired. Me? I’m usually running on pure adrenaline at this point. The workweek is over and I’m free to do as I please for the next 48 hours. So why not do all the things? Post-work on Friday, I picked up Mother’s Day gift cards from Spruce Nail Shop, tried the house Sangiovese from Revel OTR, stopped by the Seelbach & Bauman Campaign Office grand opening party, met friends at The Growler House for a beer, then ended the night with a beer from The Woodburn with my guys (BK and Franklin, of course). (From 6am until 11pm, Saturday wasn’t much different.)

Great music
I got to see one of my all-time favorite musicians, Ben Folds, perform in concert with the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra at Taft Theatre. It was a unique, delightful show. I also went to Fountain Square to see Honey & Houston and Buffalo Wabs & the Price Hill Hustle after the FC Cincinnati match on Saturday — two of my favorite local bands.

Cheers to another great week this week!


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