Walkable Cincinnati

This past weekend I had the opportunity to spend the better part of my Saturday morning (and early afternoon) walking around my pocket of the city. (My pocket being Walnut Hills and downtown.) A friend and I try our best to do some kind of workout on Saturday mornings when the weather is nice and, since Saturday’s weather was so wonderful, we decided a walk around the core was in order. (Instead of a [free] Weekend Workout at Washington Park like we do many other Saturday mornings.)

FullSizeRender (3)
Enjoying a glacial mocha while walking quiet, Saturday morning city streets
Five One Three Bagel Co. pop up shop on the deck at Washington Park
Bagels and beverages on the deck at Washington Park
Franklin taking in the sights at Eden Park

I hopped on the #11 bus near home and rode the Metro down to the Central Business District, from where I walked to Coffee Emporium for a glacial mocha and a banana to fuel up for what ended up being a three-hour jaunt through some of my favorite places. We started in Pendleton and headed south to Smale Park; walked over the Roebling and back; and made our way north to Washington Park, where we got a bagel from Five One Three Bagel Co. and a drink to enjoy on the deck (a MadTree Lift for her, a mimosa for me). Then, after passing through Pendleton a second time, I met BK and Franklin at the bottom of Gilbert Avenue before walking north through Eden Park and back home. 16,000 steps and eight miles later, I felt physically and mentally rejuvenated from exploring this great city and some of its beautiful green spaces. 

Map of walk: started in Pendleton, went south across the river, back north to Washington Park, then east to Gilbert Avenue and through Eden Park.

This experience doesn’t have to be singular to me. (Remember when Cincinnati Refined documented a walk from OTR to MadTree in Oakley?) Fortunately there are many walkable neighborhoods with great retail and restaurant options in and around greater Cincinnati, including (but not limited to) Northside, Mariemont, Oakley, Westwood, Covington, Ft. Thomas, Pleasant Ridge, Cheviot, Bellevue, and Clifton. Add in our great parks — Cincinnati Parks and the Hamilton County Park District specifically — and one of my favorite books, and you’ll be setting off on an urban hike of your own in no time.

Walking Cincinnati: 32 Tours Exploring Historic Neighborhoods, Stunning Riverfront Quarters, and Hidden Treasures in the Queen City, a book by Danny Korman and Katie Meyer

Featured image: As we turned around to head back on the Roebling, I looked to my friend and said, “Make sure I don’t get hit by a car.” Because that’s what friends are for.


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