Renegade Grille

You’ve seen Renegade Street Eats on Fountain Square, at various breweries around the city, and parked outside of Listermann Brewing on Thursday Wing Nights and Xavier game days. Now, in addition to their food truck, you can find them in their permanent home inside of Listermann four nights a week.

Photo Jun 12, 7 22 30 PM

Dave and Kris Buening started Renegade Street Eats in 2013 and, with the help of their two daughters, they’ve got the family-owned and operated truck running like a well oiled mobile machine.

Renegade Street Eats features All Beef, Sausage, and Gyro Burgers; sandwiches and hot dogs; plus some of the best wings I’ve ever had. The oversized Amish chicken wings are fried then chargrilled for added flavor, texture, and overall mouth-watering deliciousness. 

First Teriyaki Wings I had from Renegade Grille
Sausage Burger from Renegade Grille
Photo May 28, 3 27 25 PM
Sausage Burger and Teriyaki Wings at Blank Slate (May 2016)

Renegade Grille’s expanded menu features items such as additional hot and cold sandwiches, boiled shrimp in a house-made garlic sauce, deep fried mac and cheese balls, and — my personal favorite  — fries. I’ve always loved their Sausage Burger with American and provolone cheese, but the addition of fries makes the meal that much better.

I have been quite the Renegade fangirl since my first tryst a few years ago. I ranked it as a top five food truck in 2015, and have grown to love it even more since. My husband’s and my go-to meal includes some kind of burger (usually the Sausage Burger, but the All Beef Burger is also great) and six wings, then we split the two because then we each get the best of both worlds. While we typically opt for Teriyaki sauce (theirs is so good and it’s my favorite wing sauce), the Chipotle 562 is great and has a nice kick, and the Spicy Garlic is fresh, garlicky goodness, with a slight kick as well. Recent favorites are the Honey Sriracha and Hot/Sweet Asian sauces.

My husband and I love Renegade so much that, in the brief moments we discussed having a wedding reception (spoiler alert: we didn’t have one), we were in serious talks to have Renegade in attendance. We love it so much that, even when we’re sticking to a regimen during the week, we’ll go out of our way to have a meal there. We love it so much we’ve had it in consecutive days. We love it so much we drove all the way out to Mt. Carmel to have it and celebrate our engagement with local beer and great wings.

Photo Dec 20, 6 40 44 PM
Construction progress, December 2016
Photo May 26, 5 58 58 PM
An open Renegade Grille, May 2017

Renegade’s outstanding food is matched only by its fantastic service. The Grille has been a long time coming — I’ve been impatiently watching its progress for months — and it is more than a welcome addition to one of my favorite local breweries.

Follow Renegade — including the truck’s whereabouts — on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

1621 Dana Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45207

Wednesday–Friday, 5pm–close
Saturday, 12pm–close

Private lot

Featured image: Chipotle 562 (top) and Teriyaki Wings at Listermann (October 2016)

Edited on 6/26 to remove grand opening date and to update menu information.


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