Review: Landlocked Social House

Despite having opened to rave reviews more than a couple of months ago, I only recently made it to Landlocked Social House, one of the newest additions to Walnut Hills.

Before setting off on our morning jaunt to check out this new [to us] neighborhood social house, I made sure to ask whether they were dog friendly. I got a pretty immediate response detailing that, while the interior is not dog friendly, they have an outdoor patio where Franklin is more than welcome to hang out with us.


BK, Franklin, and I made the walk to Landlocked Social House the next morning and I really enjoyed the overall minimalist approach — from the exterior in, where there was a tap list 20 beers deep (!), hot and cold coffee drinks, and a small assortment of wine, cocktails, and pastries.

But, perhaps aside from the friendly service, beautiful interior, and impressive tap list, my favorite part of LL was the outdoor space. Out back from the building was a beer garden with lights and a handful of picnic tables — the type of space so many otherwise great places are lacking.


The service was pleasant, the cold brew was delicious, our pastries were great (I got the peanut butter and raspberry pocket pastry and BK got a cake donut with white icing and sprinkles), the outdoor space was wonderful, and it’s a place I can’t wait to come back to spend time working, whether it’s during coffee time or beer.

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648 E McMillan Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45206

Monday through Saturday, 6:30am–12am

Private lot, street

Featured image: full view of the beer garden


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