Review: Revel OTR

I am excited to announce Tour de Cincinnati’s first collaboration. Because I am more of a beer person (and I’m not what you’d consider “classy”), I have partnered with Blake, a friend of TDC, who is far classier, worldly, and more qualified to talk wine than I am.

Thus, I present to you, the second installation of the Wine Wednesday series:


Another week, another glass…

This week I had the pleasure of dropping by one of 12th Street’s newest additions, Revel OTR. I was excited to have a glass — or three — after what seemed to be a never-ending day of work. Lucky for me, Linsey also needed a moment to decompress and she happily joined me as my wine drinking buddy for the second time. (A side mission of mine is to make her a genuine wino.)

Photo Jul 27, 5 21 30 PM

Revel is located on the streetcar line at 111 E. 12th Street in lower-OTR, sandwiched between rhinehaus (woo!) and Gomez Salsa (yum!). The building is newly renovated and inviting from the street. The two of us were met with open doors, a contemporary interior, and a welcoming smile from the bartender, Mark.

Texture of the bar
Lighting and ceiling details


The interior decor is trendy and fits the vibe of many places in lower-OTR. It offers bar seating, table top-seating, and some soft booth seating along the front windows. The upstairs space is furnished with sofas that creates a more intimate atmosphere than the downstairs space.

I started my first experience at Revel by trying their house red, the Sangiovese. It was quite delicious, and was exactly what I needed to unwind. For those that haven’t heard of Sangiovese grapes before, they are native to Tuscany, Italy, and are most commonly found in Chianti. They typically produce a slightly dry, medium-bodied red. This means that the wine doesn’t sit heavy in your mouth, like a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Petite Sirah.

To really enjoy the Sangiovese, swing by Goodfellas and grab a take-out pizza. I recommend pairing Revel’s Sangiovese with the “Taste of Naples” — its Neapolitan flavors of mozzarella, basil, and tomatoes will do the wine justice (but let’s be real, any pizza from Goodfellas will do the job).

The Sangiovese is currently the only wine that Revel is serving that is made onsite, though they are aging two other reds, a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Malbec, which should be making an appearance in the coming months. If they’re anything like the quality of the Sangiovese, then you will not be disappointed.


Although Revel only serves one wine made in house, they have quite a few wines made locally/regionally on their wine list. Out of the 23 wines they currently serve, six (including the Sangiovese) are sourced from around the region. I had a pleasant glass of the No Opposition from Easley, an Indianapolis winery — a red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and Syrah. Linsey enjoyed a glass of Traminette, a soft white, from Meranda-Nixon Vineyard, located in Ripley.

After sipping on the Sangiovese, try some other wines made locally/regionally. This is a great way to get familiar with other craft wineries (road trip!).

Nestled in the middle of a busy corridor between Main Street and Vine Street, Revel OTR offers a relaxed and contemporary atmosphere for enjoying a glass of wine, a beer, or a wine-cocktail (yes!) with friends or coworkers. Stop in during Happy Hour from 4–7pm Wednesday through Friday for great deals on libations and small plates. You just might catch me there.

Until the next glass … cheers!


Follow Revel OTR on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

111 E. 12th Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Tuesday–Thursday, 4pm–12am
Friday, 4pm–2am
Saturday, 12pm–2am
Sunday, 12–10pm

Immediate street parking on 12th, Walnut, or Clay
Gateway Garage entrance off of 12th Street

Revel OTR offers a space for private events and is working on a rooftop patio.

Visit Idea
Revel OTR would make a great place to meet up with friends before going to a show at the Know Theater or Ensemble Theater.

Wine pro-tip
Don’t be intimidated by names you can’t pronounce. Being intimidated by names like Sangiovese, Tempranillo, or Traminette may deter people from ordering some tasty wines. Just remember, it’s okay to mess up or ask for help!


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