Review: The Woodburn Brewery & Taproom

This Saturday, August 19, we will be celebrating the one-year anniversary of The Woodburn Brewery & Taproom, the neighborhood brewery situated in the Madison and Woodburn Historic District in East Walnut Hills.

Photo Aug 04, 5 39 07 PM
The Woodburn Brewery & Taproom near DeSales Corner in East Walnut Hills
The Woodburn’s bar, before and after. Top: March 2016; bottom: August 2017

It was an impatient 18+ months in the making before The Woodburn officially opened its doors to the public in 2016 (with the first TDC preview dating back to May 2015). There is no shortage of good beer in the area; The Woodburn rivals some of the best greater Cincinnati has to offer, and ranks as one of the most beautiful taprooms I’ve seen (and I’ve been to more than 50 across the country).

Photo May 03, 10 28 43 AM copy
Putting up the brewery sign on May 3, 2015
Photo May 03, 10 42 07 AM
The family that Woodburns together … May 3, 2015

The Woodburn has quickly become an East Walnut Hills staple, and has proven to be committed to the neighborhood, from its early days serving Fireside Pizza for Flying Pig festivities and Renegade Street Eats for various preview parties, to brewing a handful of recipes named for other businesses in the area, as well as asserting itself as a permanent fixture along Walk on Woodburn. More recently, The Woodburn, along with the EWH Assembly, hosted the East Walnut Hills Movie Night, showing The Lego Batman Movie, where more than 100 people congregated for a movie, food from local vendors, and beer.

Photo Apr 09, 2 31 14 PM
Flight at the window facing Woodburn Avenue
The evolution of a tap list: left from the soft opening in August 2016; middle from December 2016; right from July 2017 (where I couldn’t get all 23 in one picture)
Flight at the window facing Woodburn Avenue

The Woodburn currently has more than 20 (!!!) beers on tap, and I’ve been fortunate to try them all. (I live a mere three blocks away, so that helps.) Short of styles that aren’t for me, they are all good. (Even styles I don’t traditionally love are good quality brews!) If you’re looking for a malty brown, a drinkable amber, a bold stout, a hoppy ale, a boozy Belgian, or a light sessionable, there is truly something for everyone. There are even cocktails and light bites served by Mazunte, plus beer dinners on occasion.

Franklin enjoying The Woodburn, starting with his days as a puppy in the construction zone in May 2015 (top left)
Photo Aug 11, 7 33 17 PM
View of the outdoor patio from the taproom

This dog-friendly beer pusher is a family favorite of ours and has one of the best atmospheres in a taproom, with its garage door windows opening to Woodburn Avenue, beautiful brick, contemporary lighting, and outdoor patio. There are also TVs to watch whatever sporting event is on at the time. You can usually find us sitting at our favorite table with a flight and Franklin, enjoying good beer and the great space.

Clockwise from top left: celebrating Valentine’s Day with a flight at our favorite table, stools and bar decor, BK and Franklin hanging out at our favorite table, tap handles

Witnessing The Woodburn come to life, though it seemed to take forever, was fun, from the initial construction to its beautiful completed space — just as the phoenix rising from the ashes illustrated in its branding. It may have been a slow build, but now that it’s here, it’s hard to believe it’s already been a year. Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess!

Happy anniversary to one of my favorite local hangouts. Cheers to many more!

Help celebrate The Woodburn Brewery & Taproom’s first anniversary this Saturday, August 19, from 12pm–12am.

Beers I recommend (and all-time favorites):
Belgian Quad (Belgian)
Han Solo: A Christmas Story (blonde ale with Christmas-spiced coffee)
Lactose Loves Pawpaws (pale wheat ale)
O Pie O (blonde ale with coffee; a take from the original Han Solo, but with vanilla; named for a neighborhood restaurant)

Salmon Shorts Sighting (blonde ale infused with strawberries and African Rooibos tea from Churchill’s Fine Teas)
Steinpils (German pilsner)

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Visit idea
Grab a meal from nearby O Pie O, Suzie Wong’s, or Cafe De Sales (depending on time of day) before having a beer or flight at The Woodburn. Finish your trip to East Walnut Hills with a stop by one of many retail stores, including Your Friends and Neighbors, Argos All-Natural Pet Supply, or Left Coast Modern.

2800 Woodburn Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45206

Monday–Wednesday, 4pm–12am
Thursday–Sunday, 12pm–12am

Street and nearby lots

Located on the Metro 11 bus route

Featured image: pint of beer sitting at the front window facing Woodburn Avenue in historic East Walnut Hills


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