Review: Ramundo’s

I really pride myself on eating like a sophisticated six-year-old and, from desserts and breakfasts to entrees, I prefer my fare to be more on the plain side. That’s not to say I won’t eat Cookies & Cream, but there’s something to be said about chocolate and vanilla ice cream. I love a good burger with Boursin, bacon, and fancy mayonnaise, but typically opt for something on the simpler side. The same goes for pizza. It’s about mastering the basics.

Enter Pizzannati #16, which took our group to Ramundo’s in Mt. Washington.


Ramundo’s Mt. Lookout has garnered quite the reputation, but because there is little seating there, we hadn’t yet tried it as a group. Thankfully its second location in Mt. Washington opened in March, providing a better parking situation, larger dining room, and updated decor.

Photo Jul 25, 5 36 44 PM
The seven of us sat at a high top table in the middle of the restaurant, which made it easy to find each of us after ordering our respective meals at the counter. (Counter service!)


To start, a friend and I ordered a 10″ cheesy bread (pizza dough brushed with garlic and topped with extra cheese) with pizza sauce and ranch dressing, and Ramundough Bites (pepperoni and cheese rolled up in garlic-brushed dough). I loved the cheesy bread and ranch, and the Ramundough Bites were good, even if I could have done without the pepperoni. (Personal preference. See above.) To follow, the table got various combinations of cheese and specialty New York-style pizzas, plus loaded crinkle fries as another starter. Everyone seemed to really enjoy their meal.


The pizza itself was good. I ordered a slice of extra cheese to accompany my cheesy bread. It had been pre-made and reheated with extra cheese on top, so it was fine. In hindsight, I’d probably order a plain slice, a slice with a topping other than extra cheese, or a fresh-made pizza and taken leftovers to go, but I really appreciate the convenience of ordering by the slice, especially if you’re on a tight schedule. Plus they sold Donna’s Gourmet Cookies so that I could top off my meal with my favorite chocolate chip cookie.

I liked my trip to Ramundo’s, from its good parking situation, spacious and comfortably designed dining room, and counter service, to its variety of fare, quality of food (and ranch dressing), and ability to order a Donna’s chocolate chip cookie for dessert. The only change is that I will order a whole, freshly made pizza next time. (Maybe even with toppings!) Because, if I can help it, there certainly will be a next time.

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2210 Beechmont Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45230

Monday–Thursday, 11am–9pm
Friday–Saturday, 11am–10pm

Private lot

Featured image: Cheesy Bread and Ramundough Bites with pizza sauce and ranch for dipping

Pizzannati, created in 2014, is an ongoing quest to find the best cheese pizza in Cincinnati, as co-founded by Swarles Barkley and myself because, despite the crap we get for loving and ordering plain pizza, Swarles and I wholeheartedly agree that, if a restaurant cannot master the basics, how can it be considered quality?

Not all have been reviewed but the complete Pizzannati list (in order):
1. Adriatico’s (Clifton)
2. Red Rose Jems Pizzeria (College Hill)
3. Fireside Pizza – Walnut Hills (Walnut Hills)
4. Strong’s Brick Oven Pizzeria (Newport)
5. Delicio Coal Fired Pizza (Montgomery)
6. Goodfellas (OTR)
7. Rusconi Pizza (CBD)
8. Santo Graal (The Banks, now closed)
9. The Gruff (Covington)
10. Pi Pizzeria (CBD, now closed)
11. Pizzelii Brick Oven Pizza (Mariemont)
12. Taglio (Columbia Tusculum)
13. Slice Night at Yeatman’s Cove (CBD)
14. LPH PIzza Co. (Lower Price Hill)
15. Pies & Pints (The Banks)
16. Ramundo’s Pizzeria (Mt. Washington)


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