Photo Recap: Summer 2017

I initially set out to post a photo recap every month — a way to share photos I love that maybe weren’t previously published on Tour de Cincinnati. But with the busyness of the summer, these posts haven’t happened since Photo Recap: May.

Thus, as summer [unofficially] comes to a close here is a photo summary of some of the fun things that happened this summer. From multiple brewery visits (like, a dozen of them), Cincinnati Beer Week, Cincinnati Burger Week, doggos spotted on the street, business openings (and closings), and so much delicious food, here are some favorite photos from the past three months in Cincinnati. (Places with reviews have been linked.)

Favorite historic tap handles: Bay Horse Cafe
Most photogenic Egg Salad Toast: Maplewood
Best doggo: Franklin hanging out at The Woodburn
Most beautiful flight as being drunk by my husband: Wooden Cask
Best new branding (and can release): Listermann
Coolest historic event: Hands Across the Bridge to celebrate the Roebling’s 150th anniversary
Cutest, most fashionable 2-year-old: my nephew on Father’s Day at The Root Beer Stand
Best looking hops: from Listermann for home-brewing
Nine Giant
Most obscure blue and orange photo: Tifo Night with Die Innenstadt and other FC Cincinnati supporters’ groups
Best Beer Re-Release: Little Kings draft release at Arnold’s
Favorite homage to Blank Slate: Cincinnati Beer Week “Many Hands”
Best dog “senior photo”: Franklin at Eden Park
Most beautiful wine rack: Skeleton Root

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