Review: Senate Blue Ash

When your favorite restaurant opens a second location, you make a point to check it out. When your favorite restaurant’s second location also serves Sunday brunch, you do what you can to get there as quickly as possible. Alas, BK and I do not make it to Blue Ash very often — certainly not during those hours on the weekend — so when we finally had the opportunity to go to Senate Blue Ash for a 10am breakfast* we did.

Photo Sep 03, 9 56 14 AM
Summit Park, where Senate (not pictured but located on the far left) and other restaurants call home

In standard us fashion, we arrived early to Summit Park, not sure if we should expect a wait for a table. Neither of us had been to the park, so we took a short walk around while we waited for Senate to open, taking in the beautiful green space (there was yoga happening at the time), Observation Tower construction, playground, and a handful of restaurants occupying the space.

Photo Sep 03, 9 57 36 AM
Senate’s mostly covered patio space

My initial thought when seeing Senate’s new restaurant was, “Yes! Outdoor space!” The patio is large and overlooks Summit Park’s expansive green space. If I recall correctly, BK said, “Their outdoor area has more seating than OTR’s entire restaurant.” It was then that my concerns about having a wait subsided.

Photo Sep 03, 10 00 46 AM
Interior image of decor, seating, and garage door windows to the patio
DSC_0023 (2)
Tufted booths
Photo Sep 03, 10 12 30 AM
Secluded area attached to the dining room

We walked in at about 10:01 (didn’t want to seem too overzealous) and were seated inside of this stunning restaurant that featured enormous ceilings, grand drapery, beautiful tufted booths, wood paneling, and lots of teal. It was somehow industrial yet welcoming and comfortable, and full of details that were very obviously intentional.

Senate Blue Ash menu
Goetta Superstar
Bacon pancake special

I ordered the Goetta Superstar, an Eckerlin goetta (the best goetta) breakfast sandwich topped with scrambled eggs, american cheese, and avocado (86) on a toasted brioche bun and served with breakfast potatoes (I substituted truffle fries because duh). After thinking really hard about the Birthday Cake Pancakes (buttermilk pancakes, warm funfetti glaze, and crushed birthday cake Oreos), BK decided on the special, which was bacon pancakes with honey vanilla whipped cream and bourbon syrup. Also in standard us fashion, we shared all of the above.


It was so, so good — a perfect combination of sweet and savory. I absolutely loved the interior, the food was as outstanding as I’ve come to expect, and I loved the outdoor space. My only complaint would be that the service was a bit slow, even if otherwise friendly. But if recently spending two weeks in Ireland taught me anything, it’s to slow down and enjoy it.

And enjoy it we did.

*  “Hybrid meals are for people too lazy to wake up for a proper breakfast.” –Schmidt, New Girl, and a quote I happen to live by


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