2018 Cincinnati Bucket List

Every year we Cincinnatians partake in many traditions — from Opening Day to Festival of Lights, and the WEBN fireworks, the People of Porkopolis are known for being traditional folks. Especially when it comes to annual festivals.

There are a number of things I love to do around the city, from going to Cincy Beerfest and Fifty Fest, to watching the Flying Pig Marathon from East Walnut Hills, getting to the Greek Festival, and checking out the observation deck at Carew tower, but there are a number of things I’ve yet to do as a Cincinnatian. These are what I set out to do, see, and achieve this year — my 2018 Cincinnati Bucket List, if you will:

Have brunch at Orchids at Palm Court
I’m not usually one for fancy feasts, but I’ve been told time and time again I need to give Cincinnati’s famed brunch a try. I’ve been sure to ask if there are enough “garbage carbs” (see: pancakes, pastries, potatoes, etc.) for me, and it’s my understanding there are plenty of those. I’m in.

Attend the Butterfly Show at Krohn Conservatory
Every year I say I’m going to go, and every year passes by without having gone. Dangit, I’m making it to this spring’s edition of the butterfly show at Cincinnati Parks’ Krohn Conservatory, an Art Deco-era greenhouse located in Eden Park.

Get to 1000 unique Cincinnati beer check-ins
What started as a journey to 1000 unique check-ins on Untappd turned into the quest for 2000. Because I love local beer so much, and because that’s mostly what I drink, I decided a milestone of 1000 unique Cincinnati beer check-ins was much more fun. I am well on my way with currently 960 local beers checked in. Only 40 to go!

See The Yugos in concert
The first time I listened to The Yugos — probably two years ago — I fell in love. And every time they have a show, it seems like I’m unable to go. This is the year I change that, and I will dance my face off to the live tunes of this Cincinnati-based indie pop band.

Take in a performance at Know Theatre or Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
I love the theatre and supporting local, but am ashamed to admit that I haven’t yet seen a production at Know Theatre or the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. In 2018 I will get to one. Or, if I’m really lucky, both!

Go on a Places of Worship photo tour
I’ve been talking about taking a walking (and transit — streetcar, Southbank Shuttle, etc.) tour of places of worship downtown and in NKY. Plans are currently under way for when it gets warmer, so keep your eye out for a photo recap!

Reach for the stars at the Cincinnati Observatory
I know, I still haven’t been to the Observatory. But between astronomy classes, a number of public events, and date night stargazing through the world’s oldest telescope, I plan to change that in ’18.

Become a member of the American Sign Museum
Since my first visit, it’s been one of my favorite places in Cincinnati and I’ve wanted to get a membership to America’s largest public sign museum. (Design and history lovers alike love this place!) BK, if you’re reading this, wink wink nudge nudge.

What do you want to do around Cincinnati in 2018?


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