Review: Two Cities Pizza Co.

It’s not often I find myself in Mason, so when the opportunity presented itself, I had to go. And by “when the opportunity presented itself,” I actually mean that a dear friend had just had a baby, and considering how much she shares my affinity for pizza, I used this as excuse to order way too much from the menu to take to the new parents to have for a few meals. (Yes, this is my idea of a meal train.)

So I made my way up north to Two Cities Pizza Co., the former Art Deco Mason City Hall turned restaurant known for its Chicago- and New York-style pizzas; that also features appetizers, calzones, hot dogs, salads, and desserts. (There is a pretty decent beer selection, too!) Naturally I arrived at 11am on a Sunday — there was another man and myself in the bar area, as I was told I made it before the post-church rush — and ordered Bootleg Bread (think cheesy pull-apart bread), 9″ cheese deep dish, 13″ Yul Kravtiz (deep dish with garlic spinach, pepperoni, and chunky red sauce), and an 8″ build-your-own NY-style pizza, half topped with green pepper.

Bootleg Bread with ranch and red sauce
9″ cheese deep dish
8″ NY-style with green pepper on half

The service was wonderful and, when I finished my meal, I got everything boxed up and was offered a tour of the place. (Stacy, my server, noticed my camera and thought I’d be interested in seeing the rest of the interior. She was right.) Stacy, also one of the managers, showed me around the event space used for large groups that featured a penny-covered wall slash art installation, the restrooms that were designed to look like a NYC Subway, and the small details throughout that made the decor of this delicious pizzeria great.

Wall of 20,000 pennies
Penny wall design: Empire State Building and Willis Tower (Sears Tower)
Entrance to restrooms

I prefer New York-style pizza nearly 10 out of 10 times, though I have to say that Two Cities’ take on deep dish was excellent. Deep dish crust, to me, is too cornmeal-y, and I didn’t get that at all with the pie I got. And the Bootleg Bread was awesome — absolutely the standout of my meal. I got marinara and ranch on the side. (Of course I mentioned my love for ranch and I was told how good their take is. They were right.) I loved what I got and I have raved about Two Cities in many conversations since.

The Chicago- vs. New York-style pizza argument is a never-ending one. But there’s no debate here: Two Cities Pizza Co. satisfies all palates and is delicious. Someday I’ll make another excuse to get back there.

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202 W. Main Street
Mason, Ohio 45040

Tuesday–Thursday, 11am–10pm
Friday–Saturday, 11am–11pm
Sunday, 11am–10pm

Private lot and street

Outdoor seating

Featured image: Bootleg Bread with ranch and red sauce


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tabitha says:

    This place is definitely on my list! The Bootleg Bread looks amazing!

      1. Tabitha says:

        I tried to go here today, and there was a 2 hour wait! Will need to make reservations next time.

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