New Home, New Neighborhood

Or, as the kids say, “New home, who dis?”

I digress.

Buying a home in a specific neighborhood was a very calculated decision by my husband and me. A neighborhood is a reflection of what is important in our life; it is not just a financial investment, but a civic one, too. Some non-negotiables when looking for a new home were: city of Cincinnati neighborhood, walkability, close proximity to a brewery or bar (y’know, where everybody knows your name) and dog park, and — most importantly — the opportunity be be involved in the community.

To us it’s more about the neighborhood than the house itself, though we absolutely love our modest yet beautiful Cape Cod. We have some work yet to do, but I absolutely love decorating and wanted to give an inside look of the house. (With some special appearances by Franklin, of course!)

Franklin enjoying his new living room
One of my favorite details: Cincinnati and food books framing the TV on the mantel, with a vintage camera bookend


Another favorite room: the breakfast nook, featuring a Beer Cap Map on the left, and local/handmade artwork on the right

Making the decision to leave East Walnut Hills was not an easy one. It was our first home together. It was where we welcomed our first family member, celebrated our engagement, and took in four Flying Pig marathons with the neighborhood. It’s where we lived and loved for three transitional, significant years of our lives.

I never envisioned myself being a westsider, but we found everything we loved and wanted in Westwood, the city of Cincinnati’s largest neighborhood.

Flights from West Side Brewing, plus banh mi, bulgogi, and spring rolls from SEA Cuisine
Mike’s Mix traditional wings from Wild Mike’s
Charcuterie and wine at Muse Café
Franklin at the dog park

In the short time we’ve called Westwood home, we have been to West Side Brewing a handful of times (SEA Cuisine is there weekly and is one of my new favorite food trucks), walked to the dog park, bought pizza and champagne in the same drive thru (Trotta’s), had Mike’s Mix wings from Wild Mike’s, ordered a $4 breakfast from Santorini, ate a delicious panini paired with good wine and great service from Muse Café, stocked up on wine from Deans Hops & Vines, and BK even had Price Hill Chili for the first time. I still have to get to Henke Winery, Fuzzybutts Dry Goods, and a number of additional westside institutions (I’m looking at you, J&J Restaurant, Lin’s Pad Thai, and many others), but fortunately we’ll be here a while. When the weather starts to shape up, I’ll be out and about and walking more. There is a lot of exploring yet to do, and I’m extremely excited about all the great things there are to do in my new neighborhood.

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Featured image: snowy walk in the new neighborhood


8 Comments Add yours

  1. marie jones says:

    Welcome to Westwood, from am ‘oldtimer!’ (40 +years) Wonderful to see new blood pumping through the arteries of our favorite corner of the world! Hope to meet you on the street, in the businesses, at the park, or in one of our many civic groups! Mama J

    1. Thank you, Marie! Hope to see you around!

  2. Welcome to Westwood! We have been loving it for the last 12 years and are so happy to hear of more satisfied relocaters. My husband and I opened a shop in the Westwood Business District called Wooden Hill which carries all locally made creations for the home and garden. Come visit! 🙂

  3. Fred Bradfort says:

    Sayler Park is Cincinnati’s westernmost neighborhood.

  4. Heather Kittelson says:

    Welcome! Franklin wants to stop in to Fuzzybutts and next year there will be another dog park next to Townhall for him.

    1. Yes! It’s been so cold that we haven’t been outside a ton, but we’ll be there soon!

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