Getting to Know You: BK Edition

BK has made a number of appearances on Tour de Cincinnati. Considering he’s been a driving force behind creating this website to begin with, that’s no surprise. But aside from mentions and some pictures here and there, we’ve never really gotten to know him and his love for Cincinnati.

In honor of Valentine’s Day this week, I decided to do something fun and couply—a sort of Getting to Know You. I sent BK this list to ask what his favorite Cincinnati things are, as well as to have him answer what he believes mine to be. The responses (and my reaction) are below:

Cincinnati-style chili
BK: Pleasant Ridge Chili (specifically coneys)

Mine: Camp Washington
I really love Camp Washington, and count it among my favorites, though Blue Ash Chili is probably on top of the list. Camp Washington is certainly up there, though. It really depends on the dish. Read more about my love for Cincinnati’s famed delicacy here.

BK: Fig + Prosciutto from A Tavola

Mine: Strong’s Brick Oven Pizza
He is completely on the money here. I love a handful of pizzerias in this city, but Strong’s undoubtedly tops the list.

BK: Zip’s – Zip Burger with cheese

Mine: Garlic Three-Cheese Burger from BRU Burger Bar
I love my burgers and BRU’s Garlic Three-Cheese take isn’t just my current favorite burger, it’s one of my favorite dishes in Cincinnati. For a complete list of burgers I love, click here

BK: Eckerlin Meats

Mine: Eckerlin Meats
What can I say? We love our Eckerlin goetta. We go to Eckerlin (located in Findlay Market) often for $3.50 breakfast sandwiches (goetta, egg, and cheese), but you can also find their goetta at Taste of Belgium, Maplewood, Sleepy Bee, Wild Eggs, and other restaurants around the city.

Ice Cream
BK: Graeter’s Mocha Chip

Mine: UDF Cookies ‘N Cream
UDF ice cream is so underrated in a city where everyone loves Graeter’s. Give me the underdog any day. Best Cookies and cream ice cream I’ve had. And don’t forget: creamy whip season is coming!

Favorite Cincinnati restaurant? (LaRosa’s, Montgomery Inn, Busken, Graeter’s, etc.)
BK: Skyline

Mine: LaRosa’s
Accurate. When BK asks me what I want to eat, there’s a 90% chance I say LaRosa’s. It works about 5% of the time. It’s been one of my favorite restaurants for years and I cannot get enough of their breadsticks with cheese and hoagies. Plus all the great condiments.

Favorite neighborhoods? (Not including Westwood)
BK: CBD, Mt. Lookout, West End

Mine: CBD, Columbia Tusculum
We very obviously love the Central Business District and enjoying eating and patronizing a number of businesses there. I also love the architecture especially in Columbia Tusculum. There are a number of great neighborhoods in this city we’re lucky to call home and my favorites vary. He gets the obvious ones, though.

Favorite restaurants?
BK: Pho Lang Thang, Eli’s BBQ, Quan Hapa, Zip’s, Gomez Salsa

Mine: Senate, Pontiac BBQ, BRU Burger Bar, Quan Hapa, Delhi Palace, E+O Kitchen
Between BK and me, we’ve just about covered some of the best restaurants in the city. I want Senate pretty much any time, prefer Delhi Palace every time we have Indian (which is pretty often), and count E+O as the maker of my current favorite dish (Loco Moco). This city has no shortage of great restaurants, that’s for sure.

Favorite place to take visitors?
Mine: American Sign Museum
I really appreciate his response. There aren’t many things like spending a day at the ballpark. It’s where we met, had our first date, and have spent a number of significant days together (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). And he knows how much I love the American Sign Museum. Any time I’m asked to recommend a place to go—which is often—that’s always my first suggestion.

I know Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap, but I hope you all get to experience love and fun this week and always—whether it’s the love you share with friends, family members, your significant other, neighbors, or the city we all love so much. Here is a comprehensive list of Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Featured image: BK and me leaving the courthouse on our wedding day. Photo by Eleven:11 Photography.



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