Cincy Craft Madness: Sweet Sixteen

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Update: Voting for this region is now closed. Results will be posted on Facebook shortly.


Moving right along to the third round: the Sweet Sixteen. 

Please vote for your favorites below from the Sweet Sixteen. You have 24 hours to get in your votes for this region. (It will be active until 7:59am on Wednesday, 3/28.) There is a Second Round recap below the polls.

The Second Round sure was a good one, with some close match-ups into the evening and even the morning. (14) Darkness Hop Head Nebula and (2) Fifty West Coast to Coast were all trailing before pulling away in the final hours, while the (4) Streetside Suh, Brah? vs. (5) Cellar Dweller Eye Opener bout had a number of lead changes before Cellar Dweller closed it out in a photo finish—with only 20 votes separating the two.

We’ve only got three seeds higher than a #5 advancing to the second round, and there were six match-ups separated by less than 11%.

The most fun stat, perhaps, is that five breweries that are new brewing scene (and to the tournament) in 2018—13 Below, Sons of Toil, Bircus, Little Miami, and Swine City—are advancing to the Sweet Sixteen. With a new-to-2017 brewery winning it all last year—Brink Fashionably Late—it’s definitely possible for a new brewery to take home the bragging rights again this year.

This March is certainly mad! As you can see, anything can happen, so get in your votes!

For a complete background and game rules, click here.

Results from Round One – WestsideOTR, and Eastside regions, plus the Round of 32.

Full schedule
First Round: March 15–21
Second Round: March 26
Sweet Sixteen: March 27
Elite Eight: March 28
Final Four: March 29
Championship: April 2


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    How is this even serious? Literally a joke… How the hell did these beers even get picked? Cincinnati has a great craft beer scene but there are a lot of seriously mediocre to below average beers in this bracket and a ton a great brews left out…

    1. Thank you for your input, Anonymous! If you’re curious about the selection and seeding process, I recommend reading that post. Cheers!

      1. Anonymous says:

        Thanks for pointing me in that direction – your process is flawed in many ways. If you’re going to give “berths” based on batches produced it obviously gives the edge to breweries who have been open longer. Additionally, going based off “untapped” check-in amounts is again putting newer breweries at disadvantages and is also not taking into account the ever changing fluid scene/palettes of those involved in the scene. Truth has more check ins than Saber Tooth Tiger for instance, but which is better? Psychopathy has more than Citra High but which is better? Consider doing the following:

        Hold an initial poll to determine Cincinnatians favorite breweries, award “berths” based on that poll and then let the brewery’s staff decide which brews will be representing their name. The collective staffs of each place should be able to determine which beers would best represent them taking the following into account:

        How many have had the beer
        Reception to the beer
        Personal satisfaction with how the brew(s) turned out

        Just some thoughts

  2. 13 Below Lock & Dam is using a bot…

    1. Hi, vexiisstormdance. I just checked and, out of 2400 total votes so far, 13 Below is only ahead by 154 votes. Voting is unlimited for all parties, so I will double check to make sure, but I don’t see any clear advantage for them at this point. Thanks for reaching out!

  3. Thank you for looking into it – just a suggestion – may want to use a poll that relies on IP for voting (cookies can be spoofed/compromised as well) – ensures no shenanigans!

    1. Voting is unlimited for everyone. There should be no discrepancy about blocking repeat voters (whether by cookies or by IP address).

      There was a discrepancy last year, so this year voting is unlimited across the board.

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