Review: Frisch’s Carew Tower

Welcome back to the CBD!

After 14 years, Frisch’s has returned home to downtown Cincinnati, with a 4000 square foot restaurant inside Carew Tower. This restaurant features an ordering app, grab-and-go items such as soup and salad, four Carew Tower-specific menu items, catering options, and—perhaps the best of all—a Breakfast Bar offered until 11am Monday through Friday.

Opening Day breakfast with a friend
Frisch’s encompasses so much about what I love about Cincinnati. Its solid fare is accessible to people of all walks of life and all socioeconomic statuses. It is a reflection of our working-class city and its affordability. It isn’t pretentious. And, like our city, we are damn proud of local institutions like Frisch’s.
You don’t go to Frisch’s for avocado-topped, fig-infused prosciutto drizzled in a balsamic reduction, and you certainly don’t see anything like kale smoothies on the menu. It appeals to people of all ages and offers standard menu items.

Primetime Breakfast Sandwich with goetta …
… and a side of fries (with ranch)
For my first visit to the Carew Tower location, I tried their Primetime Breakfast Sandwich (with goetta, naturally). For my second, a grilled cheese on small bread with fries. My third? I finally decided to cut back on my fry and ranch consumption and instead got a club wrap with steamed broccoli on the side. (You can even be healthy when you want, too!)
The thing is, though, I like everything I’ve had from Frisch’s: grilled cheese (on small bread, of course), macaroni and cheese, wraps, salads, and, of course, Big Boys. Plus their vegetable soup is some of the most delicious around. The best part? It’s all so reasonable. With the price of everything seemingly on the rise every single day, it’s refreshing to know that there is a downtown lunch option for less than $10 (including tip). Add in grab-and-go items, and this new lunch option is undeniable.
I hate the word “foodie.” It is pretentious and does not at all describe my relationship with food. I eat like a sophisticated six-year-old and love bar and diner food. Above all, I am damn proud of this city’s institutions. Like me—unassuming and proud—Frisch’s Big Boy is Cincinnati through and through.


25 W Fifth Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Monday–Friday, 6am–8pm
Saturday–Sunday, 7am–5pm

Nearby garages and street

Breakfast Bar served Monday through Friday until 11am

Featured image: interior photo of the “Welcome to Cincinnati” wall


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  1. Tabitha says:

    Do you know what is featured on the breakfast bar?

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