Creamy Whips

What is warm weather in Cincinnati without a creamy whip?! Though they often serve the same fare with slight or very few deviations, from Hamilton, Ohio to Northern Kentucky, you know your favorite neighborhood soft serve supplier. Even Gwen Stefani loves these sweet summertime snacks.

I am on a seemingly never-ending quest to try all the creamy whips in the area. I grew up going to Mt. Healthy Dairy Bar, which remains one of the best, though some of my current favorites include Mt. Washington Creamy Whip, Silver Grove Dari-Bar, and Zip Dip. Putz’s Creamy Whip, in my opinion, reigns supreme in the wonderful world of whippy dips.

Go ahead and start your Tour de Creamy Whips. It might take a while. 

Happy whippy dipping!

Featured image: Slushie float from Silver Grove Dari-Bar